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Review: 2015 Legendary Ranger Key Packs Wave 2 (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

2015 Legendary Ranger Key Packs Wave 2
Toys R Us Exclusive – $8.99 Each


Our final wave of Ranger Keys (seventh wave in all) and second of the 2015 series have finally landed at TRU.com and Toys R Us stores nationwide. While the previous six Ranger Key packs were all pretty impressive, Bandai seems to have wasted their last hurrah on packs that just don’t have the same level of wow to them. The final wave brings us “B” packs for In Space, Time Force, Wild Force, Dino Thunder, Operation Overdrive, Jungle Fury, and Samurai. Ignoring the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger, the packs only bring us ten new Ranger Keys total, which is an absolute shame considering the whole wave gives you 21 new Keys. I picked up each of these from TRU.com for $8.99 each, but I did manage to find them at a semi-local Toys R Us for the same price a few days later.

The second wave contains:

In Space Key Pack B
• Translucent Red Ranger
• Translucent Blue Ranger
• Yellow Ranger

Time Force Key Pack B
• Translucent Red Ranger
• Translucent Green Ranger
• Pink Ranger

Wild Force Key Pack B
• Translucent Black Ranger
• Yellow Ranger
• Lunar Wolf Ranger

Dino Thunder Key Pack B
• Translucent Red Ranger
• Translucent Black Ranger
• White Ranger

Operation Overdrive Key Pack B
• Translucent Red Ranger
• Yellow Ranger
• Mercury Ranger

Jungle Fury Key Pack B
• Translucent Yellow Ranger
• Translucent Wolf Ranger
• Rhino Ranger

Samurai Key Pack B
• Translucent Red Ranger
• Pink Ranger
• Gold Ranger

Some of these releases are actually really neat. All the sets that give us at least two new Keys are definitely worth the purchase, just like most of the sets from the first wave. Unfortunately this wave just gives us so many sets with two translucent Keys (4/7 sets) that the entire group just feels really lackluster compared to the first wave.

The In Space Key Pack is nothing short of disappointing. With Silver being exclusive to the 20 Key Morpher Set, he wasn’t included in here. Given they pumped out a translucent Red and Blue for the set, including a translucent Silver would have given people avoiding the set some sort of representation at least. Sure, Yellow is new, but that’s not enough to make this an amazing pack.
Keys Needed: Pink

The Time Force Key Pack is another disappointing set for the same reasons as In Space. Quantum was an exclusive, but instead of Red or Blue, a translucent Quantum would have given fans an alternative. Toss in the fact that Yellow is still MIA, it’s a bit of a kick in the butt.
Keys Needed: Yellow

The Wild Force Key Pack is a step in the right direction. The translucent included is Wild Force Black, which is actually sort of cool because it has glitter in the plastic, something the other translucent keys lack. Plus we get Yellow, and the much anticipated Lunar Wolf. If White was included, that would have sealed the deal.
Keys Needed: White

The Dino Thunder Key Pack was a weird release, since we only needed one key to compelete the team. I would have much rather have seen a Triassic Mode Key instead of translucent Red, and a translucent Yellow in there somewhere for fans that didn’t buy into the set, but considering the set finished off a team and gave us a glittery Black Key, I can’t complain too much.
Keys Needed: None

The Operation Overdrive Key Pack, like the Wild Force pack, gives us two new keys, but that translucent Red took the place of Pink, which would have finished the team. Sentinel Knight would have been a nice Key to have in some fashion too, so it sort of fails twice. Still worth the purchase since it includes two new keys however.
Keys Needed: Pink (and Sentinel Knight)

The Jungle Fury Key Pack is a thing of mystery. Fans know that the Wolf Ranger was previously only available in the Power Morphicon exclusive set with Lightspeed Rescue’s Titanium Ranger. The key in that set was metallic in paint, freeing up the possibility of a normal release in a Key Pack. That time has arrived, but here we are with a translucent Wolf Ranger instead, meaning we still don’t have a normal release of Wolf Ranger. I don’t understand this company. Translucent Yellow is a nice touch though, and Rhino Ranger rounds out the team for all intents and purposes.
Keys Needed: None/Wolf Ranger/The Spirit Rangers/Any Combination of These Depending On Your Outlook

Finally, the Samurai Key Pack is another alright pack. It gives us two new keys in the form of Pink and Gold, but the translucent Red is a bit of a head scratcher. Yellow is still missing from the line up. Additionally, data for a Lauren key exists in the scanner app, but was never released. I am perfectly fine with a key of her not getting released, given the keys represent powers, not people, but it would have been better than a translucent Red for sure.
Keys Needed: Yellow (and Lauren).

Overall, they are must buys for Key Collectors. The Jungle Fury and Dino Thunder sets are worth taking a look at on the basis they complete teams. Overdrive, Samurai, and Wild Force at least give us the popular Sixth Ranger Keys as well. The In Space and Time Force Key Packs, despite being the rarest, are almost a waste. Only one new key each, no alternative for the exclusive 20 Key Morpher Set Keys, and just a translucent mess. Additionally, with the knowledge that the full roster will never be complete (most likely), it might not even be worth picking them up at all.

Keys Needed For Complete Collection:

Yellow Turbo Ranger
Pink Space Ranger
Pink Lost Galaxy Ranger
Yellow Lightspeed Ranger
Pink Lightspeed Ranger
Titanium Lightspeed Ranger (Non-Exclusive)
Yellow Time Force Ranger
White Wild Force Ranger
Yellow S.P.D. Ranger
Kat Ranger
Nova Ranger
Blue Mystic Ranger
Pink Mystic Range
Pink Overdrive Ranger
Sentinel Knight
Wolf Ranger (Normal Release)
Elephant Ranger
Bat Ranger
Shark Ranger
Dai Shi
Black RPM Ranger
RPM Gold/Silver Ranger Key
Yellow Samurai Ranger
Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren)
Yellow Megaforce Ranger
Pink Megaforce Ranger
Gold Anchor Key

Needed Total: 28

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