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Review: Imaginext Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Red Ranger & T-Rex Zord

Imaginext Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Red Ranger & T-Rex Zord
$19.99 – Purchased from Toys R Us


To push play even further, the Imaginext line offers bigger Zords and figures at a $19.99 price point. One of these releases is the Red Ranger’s Tyrannosaurus, labeled here as the T-Rex Zord. At a higher price point, you get a bigger Zord, with more detail, more movement, and more features. Included is a Red Ranger figure, complete with his Power Sword.

As an action feature, the Tyrannosaurus will open and close its mouth while moving its head slightly. Place the Red Ranger on the pad and twist the figure to activate the feature, or simply rotate the pad with your finger. The Tyrannosaurus also features two missile launchers. Unlike the other Zords, these missile launchers are removable, allowing for a more screen accurate look the others can’t achieve (sans the Triceratops that doesn’t have this issue). To make things awesome, these launchers are molded to resemble the Blade Blasters. Again, Imaginext is pumping out the pretty awesome references.

The Tyrannosaurus itself is just amazing. The key details of the face, chest, and legs are all present. Even its arms are sculpted in a nice, natural way, and are easily the lengthiest arms this Zord has ever had. While not Legacy material, it sizes well with the Legacy Dragonzord when comparing the suits used in the show. It also looks great with the other Imaginext Zords, being a Pterodactyl away from a complete team. I hope Imaginext pulls through in the future.

The Red Ranger included is pretty much identical to the one found in the double pack. However, like the Blue and Yellow Rangers from the Zords, he appears to have glitter inside the red plastic used on the figure as well. Again, I’m not sure if this is intentional, since it is not advertised to include an exclusive figure.

The Tyrannosaurus itself is an amazing pick up for both kids and fans a like. I stand by the fact that if you get one thing from the Imaginext line, this is the item. It scales well with the Legacy Dragonzord, looks awesome on display, and is easily the best looking Tyrannosaurus Zord released ever. A must own for Ranger fans.

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