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Review: DX XDevizer Transformation Set (Ultraman X)

DX XDevizer Transformation Set
July, 2015 – ¥5,700


If you want to see Ultraman X for yourself, be sure to head over to Crunchyroll! Crunchyroll is simulcasting Ultraman X, making it available to view at almost the same time as it airs in Japan! Users with a premium account can view the episode as soon as it goes live every Tuesday, while users with free accounts must wait until the following Tuesday for the episode to become free to view. This is a huge step for tokusatsu viewing in the west, so be sure to head over and show your support. Check out Ultraman Mebius or Ultraman Max while you’re there!

The newest Ultraman has arrived, Ultraman X! When X inhabits Daichi’s XioDevizer, a PDA device used by all members of Xio (Xeno Invasion Outcutters), it turns gold and becomes the XDevizer! As a toy, the XDevizer not only plays transformation sounds into Ultraman X, but also features numerous functions for both Spark Dolls and Cyber Cards. While Cyber Cards are new to the Ultraman scene, fans will recognize Spark Dolls as the gimmick for Ultraman Ginga. In a bit of backwards compatibility, Spark Dolls are a continuing gimmick and have all new sounds in the XDevizer. With two gimmicks at the helm, the XDevizer has a backlog of compatible toys while opening up a whole new game with even more Spark Dolls and the whole new Cyber Card line. For a single toy, it sure does pack a lot! The “Transformation Set” is actually a bundle release of the DX XDevizer itself (which normally includes the Cyber Gomora Card), and the Ultra Hero X 01 Spark Doll of Ultraman X in his normal mode (which normally includes the Ultraman X Card). The Cyber Eleking Card included with this set is an exclusive card. While you can get Cyber Eleking in the Cyber Card Set Vol. 01, the artwork of the card featured in this set is BK-10, and exclusive to the set.

The Spark Doll functionality is a little weak, but the fact that it is there (and catalogs the ENTIRE collection of Ultra Hero 500 and Ultra Monster 500 from Ginga and Ginga S) is pretty great for Ultraman fans. Functionality for Spark Dolls that aren’t Ultraman X are the same in both open and closed modes. Scanning an Ultra Hero Spark Doll will let you hear the transformation noise for that Ultra. The left button and right buttons will both activate one of two quiz questions. Left is this No, while Right is Yes. Scanning a Ultra Monster Spark Doll you enter Gaodection Mode. The left button will activate training mode, to “power up” the monster. The right button will enter energy charge mode, to “charge up” the monster’s power. Neither really do anything except make noises. Like I said, the Spark Doll functions are pretty subpar, but it’s great to have them.

Cyber Card functionality is a little bit more robust. With the device closed, Ultra Hero and Ultra Monster cards will both activate one of two functions. The left button activates the “condition check” function. The toy will randomly decide if that Ultraman or Cyber Monster is at full strength or not and make a corresponding noise. With an Ultra Hero Card inserted, the right button will activate a simulation mode, which will allow you to hear a simulation of their final attack noise. An Ultra Monster Card will allow you to “start up” the monster.

With the device in transformation mode, things get a little more interesting. An Ultra Hero Card will allow the device to access one of two functions. Inserting the card at first will allow you to hear a transformation noise associated with that Ultra. The left button will repeat the phrase or sound that Ultra says during the activation. The right button however says the name of that Ultra’s main finishing attack, complete with an attack sound! Ultra Monster Cards, when inserted, will arm Ultraman X with that Cyber Monster’s MonsArmor. Even monster that don’t give MonsArmor in the show will have an Armor Active sound. The left button will repeat that monster’s roar. The right button will activate that MonsArmor’s finishing attack. Unfortunately some don’t have MonsArmor modes, and thus don’t have a finishing attack. In this case, the toy just plays a default grunt from X.

Finally, to transform into Ultraman X, simply open the toy into transformation mode and scan the Live Sign of the Ultraman X Spark Doll. This will initiate the really awesome transformation music, along with some sounds from X himself. The left button will cycle through a number of phrases said by X. The right button will repeat the transformation jingle. It’s worth noting that even without scanning the Ultraman X Spark Doll, you can activate that transformation sound just by hitting the right button on the toy in transformation mode.

Overall, this toy just has a LOT of functions. If you have a Spark Doll collection you can hear a lot of cool noises right out of the box by scanning your Spark Dolls. Even with this set along you have the ability to initiate the transformation proper with the Ultraman X Spark Doll, mess around with the Ultra Hero Cyber Card functionality with the Ultraman X card, while also tapping into the MonsArmor functions with the Cyber Gomora and Cyber Eleking cards! There’s just so much to do with this toy that it has enough lasting power to where I’m sure it will be a hit even later on down the line. A must have for Ultraman fans both new and old.


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