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Review: Gold & Graphite Dino Cycles (Power Rangers Dino Charge)

Gold Dino Cycle & Graphite Dino Cycle
$14.99 Each from Walmart.com

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The second wave of Dino Cycles for Power Rangers Dino Charges brings us two new cycles for the Gold and Graphite Dino Charge Rangers. Unlike the previous cycles, these cycles include a small weapon that plugs into the top of the front Deinonychus, to add a little flair to the designs. The Gold Ranger hops onto a blue and lime green Dino Cycle, while the Graphite Ranger drives an orange and dark blue Dino Cycle. Each cycle includes a 5″ figure of that particular Ranger. The figure shave the most basic of articulation, but can ride the bikes just dine. Each cycle can split apart into two Deinonychus, and can connect with any ZordBuilder compatible toys. I picked up each bike for $14.99 each from Walmart.com.

There is not a whole lot to say about these things. The base molds are identical to the original Dino Cycles, but with the added weapon bit that clips into the top. They do offer some neat new colors though. I’m particularly fond of the Graphite Dino Cycle, thanks to it being the colors of Detroit’s baseball team. Woo bias! The lime green Deinonychus is also pretty great. Looking forward to seeing what other colors they come up with.

The ZordBuilder functionality on these are minimal and not worth it at all. Previous cycles had the possibility of becoming a pair of skates or something like that, which can certainly be fun for kids. These ones don’t have that functionality and are basically stuck as being awful arms or weird leg attachments that just don’t add a whole lot of fun. Splitting up the Deinonychus gives you a little more freedom, and the formation using the Ptera Charge Megazord’s shoulder and leg ports is actually pretty okay.

Overall, these are just not worth it unless you want to build up your army of Deinonychus Zords, or want cycles for all of your Action Heroes. The ZordBuilder functionality just isn’t that fun. They serve their purpose for sure, but are basicaly a toy that can get boring pretty fast.

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