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Review and Demo: DX Gan Gun Saber (Kamen Rider Ghost)

DX Gan Gun Saber
October, 2015 – ¥5,500

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[youtube https://youtu.be/6R8kYzi0zuw]

To defeat the Ganma, Kamen Rider Ghost uses the mighty Gan Gun Saber! As the puny name suggests, the weapon can be both a gun and a sword (among other things), and like everything in Ghost’s arsenal, carries an eye motif. The full name of the toy is the 4 Mode Change DX Gan Gun Saber. If it wasn’t obvious, the toy can transform between four different modes: Blade, Gun, Nitouryu (Two Swords, or Dual Wield), and Naginata. To expand play even further, the toy will be compatible with the Ghost Gadget Series to transform into even more modes of play. Included with the Gan Gun Saber is the Musashi Ghost Eyecon, allowing Ghost to transform with the Musashi Damashii. The weapon was released in October, 2015 for around ¥5,500.

The toy takes three AAA batteries, two in the hilt, and one in the lower blade portion where the LEDs of the toy are contained. Each mode activates two different sounds at the press of the trigger, as well as a couple mechanical sounds as you’re transforming the toy into different modes. Each mode carries a unique LED color for the lower bladed portion of the toy. Blade Mode activates an orange LED, Gun Mode activates a yellow LED, Nitouryu Mode activates a red LED, and Naginata Mode activates a blue LED. While these correspond with Ore, Edison, Musashi, and Newton Damashii in color, the modes aren’t exclusive to those forms.

While the Ghost Driver itself has the Omega Drive attack, each form of the Gan Gun Saber has its own unique Omega Attack. Blade Mode activates the Omega Break, Gun Mode activates the Omega Shoot, Nitouryu Mode activates the Omega Slash, and Naginata Mode activates the Omega Stream. Each has its own unique attack sound the usual multi-color LED light show. Note that the only way to achieve this sound is by passing the Gan Gun Saber over the eye of the Ghost Driver. Without the Ghost Driver, these attacks won’t happen.

Transformation between modes is rather seamless. All transformation is done via the removal of the upper blade portion of the toy. It can be flipped around to create Gun Mode, folded out and held separately for Nitouryu Mode, or attached to the bottom to create Naginata Mode. It’s oddly satisfying and fun to do.

The included Musashi Ghost Eyecon allows the Ghost Driver to activate the transformation jingle for Musashi Damashii. From here, the associated Omega Break and Oomedama sounds. It also looks really cool. While the Musashi Ghost Eyecon will be released in SG and Capsule format in the future, the only way to get the DX version is through the Gan Gun Saber.

Overall, the Gan Gun Saber is a really fun toy, and honestly beats the Driver out in terms of quality for me. While the Driver is fun (and essential to this toy), the Gan Gun Saber offers four unique modes right out of the box. The transformations are easy and quick, making the toy a lot of fun to fiddle with while you’re bored. Future engagement with the Ghost Gadget Series ensures that the toy, while basic, has some longevity of play to it that some weapon toys just don’t get. The only downside to the toy is its smaller size, and the fact that this purchase more or less solidifies the purchase of a Ghost Driver, since the final attacks are hidden without it. If you already have the Ghost Driver, and are on the fence, do yourself a favor and pick this one up.


[youtube https://youtu.be/79aVqgGZXAs]

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