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Pokémon TCG – Mega Swampert EX Premium Collection

Mega Swampert EX Premium Collection
$44.99 from Target


XY: BREAKthrough is right around the corner! Actually, it’s already here if you’re Target! The store has broken the street date (by nearly a month for these boxes) and released the Mega Blaziken EX Premium Collection and Mega Swampert EX Premium Collection! Even though, XY: BREAKthrough is still a few weeks away, this unboxing gives us a nice sneak peek at the set!

The Mega Swampert EX Premium Collection has reverted back to the Mega Metagross EX Premium Collection style by including eight Booster Packs, two Promo Cards, a jumbo version of the Mega, a coin, and a playmat. The eight booster packs included with this is two XY: Primal Clash, two XY: Roaring Skies, two XY: Ancient Origins, and two XY: BREAKthrough. The promo cards included are XY55 Swampert-EX, and XY87 Mega Swampert-EX. While the Mega is new, unfortunately the normal Swampert is a repackage of the promo previous available in the Hoenn Starter Tins. The jumbo card in this box is Mega Swampert-EX. Of course, we get a Mega Swampert themed coin and playmat. After how dissapointing the Mega Metagross playmat was, it’s great that the Mega Swampert one includes the actual Pokémon and a really neat design! I’m tempted to use this one.

I’m happy the price was lowered to $44.99 for this set compared to the $49.99 from Metagross. It may only be $5, but given the fact you get eight booster packs, two promos, a coin, a jumbo card, and a nicely made playmat, the value is certainly there. To top it off, we get to open two packs of BREAKthrough early! It’s a win-win.

[youtube https://youtu.be/hymsAlz_tp0]

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