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Review: Medal Moments Figures Wave 1 (Yo-Kai Watch)

Yo-Kai Watch – Medal Moments Figures (Wave 1)
$4.99 from Toys R Us

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The Yo-Kai Medal Moments Figures are a series of roughly 3″ scale PVC figurines of various Yo-Kai featured in the animé and video games. Each nicely crafted figure come included with their Yo-Kai Medal that can unlock their Tribe Sound and name in the Yo-Kai Watch toy. The first series of figures includes Whisper, Jibanyan, Komasan, Tattletell, and Noko. Whisper and Jibanyan’s packages mark the Yo-Kai Medals as “Exclusive”, meaning the Medal Moments Figures are the only way to obtain these two Yo-Kai Medals, even though they activate the same sounds as the ones from the Yo-Kai Watch itself. Each figure costs $4.99. These were purchased from Toys R Us.

The figures themselves are all relatively great for their price. The only major complaint in terms of sculpt or paint is Tattletell’s mouth. Everything else on the figures is fully painted and sculpted incredibly well. Whisper’s pose is a little weird, and I would have rather seen a pose similar to his normal Yo-Kai Medal, and not one that’s scared out of his mind. His Medal Moments function is also the most unruly, as it just sticks into the bottom of him, as opposed to him holding it or something else like the other figures in the line thus far. Jibanyan is actually my favorite of the bunch, as his Medal Moments feature is on an included backdrop, and not actually a slot or feature on the figure himself. Komasan is one of my favorite Yo-Kai, so I’m excited to have him, and I think the inclusion of his Medal Moments function being on his knapsack is cute. Tattletell is a neat design that retains her signature look while still maintaining the Medal Moments functionality by holding onto the Yo-Kai Medal like some kind of frisbee. Like I said before, her mouth isn’t painted correctly, but it’s a pretty minor complaint. Finally, Noko is a bit more of a random inclusion, as he hasn’t been used in the series quite a whole lot at this point, but he’s incredibly cute. His figure probably has the most interest design, and I like the fact that he bites onto the Yo-Kai Medal to hold it up. The paint on him is particularly nice.

Regarding the Yo-Kai Medals, as mentioned previously, Whisper and Jibanyan are exclusive designs that can only be obtained through these figures. I love that the packages say “Exclusive” near the Yo-Kai Medal to let kids and collectors alike know that the Medals in these toys can’t be found anywhere else. While the other three Yo-Kai Medals aren’t exclusive, and can be obtained in the Blind Bags as well, it’s nice that kids have an alternative way to possibly get their favorite Yo-Kai without the struggle of buying multiple blind bags. Noko’s voice is adorable. Komasan is too. Komasan is always adorable though.

Overall, at $4.99, these figures are fantastic. The paint and sculpt is great on all of them (sans Whisper’s questionable stance). I don’t feel like I’m paying too much for a figure that’s too small or poorly painted like I sometimes do with figures of this scale. The inclusion of Yo-Kai Medals is a nice draw for both kids and collectors alike, and the inclusion (and marking) of exclusive Yo-Kai Medals is a wonderful thing. If you’re a collector, grab Whisper and Jibanyan for the exclusivity, but if you like any of these

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