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Custom: Kamen Rider Gaim – Damaged Himawari and Malfunctioning Suika Lockseed Conversion

Damaged Himawari Lockseed Swing
Malfunctioning Suika Lockseed Swing
from Capsule Lockseed Extra Items

Candy Toy Himawari Lockseed
Candy Toy Suika Lockseed
from SG Lockseed 3

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While Bandai Japan is usually fairly reliable in making a toy of nearly every little thing ever, no actual Lockseeds of the Damaged Himawari Lockseed and Malfunctioning Suika Lockseed seen early on in the show were ever made. However, keychains of those Lockseeds were released in a special Capsule Lockseed Extra set which included some special items seen in the show. While the front panel of the Lockseed was normal, the rest of the toy was small, hallow, and incredibly basic. Thankfully, with the front panel being the same usual size, both these toys, as well as a Candy Toy or Capsule Lockseed could be dismantled to switch the front panels.

This is exactly what I do in this video, as I switch the front panels of a Candy Toy Himawari Lockseed and Suika Lockseed with the front panels of the two keychains. The process, as you can see, is incredibly simple, and the end result is really nice. The paint on the keychains were always incredibly well done, so seeing them on a full Lockseed is great. Keep in mind that this can only be done with Candy Toy (SG), Gashapon (Capsule) releases. The DX Lockseeds are built differently with the spring, and can’t be used. I chose Candy Toy due to both toys having opaque insides as opposed to the clear insides of the Capsule releases. Definitely worth it!

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