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Review: Nendoroid – N (Pokémon)

Nendoroid – N
$49.99 from Poké
Huge thanks to The Pokémon Company International!

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Our third entry into Good Smile’s Pokémon series of Nendoroid figures is N, the mysterious not quite a hero but not quite a villain character from Pokémon Black, Pokémon White, Pokémon Black 2, and Pokémon White 2. Having had one player character, and one champion released so far, it was a pleasant surprise to hear that a support character like N was next on their agenda. N is an absolutely fantastic looking figure that captures his mystery and charm perfectly in the usual chibi style that Nendoroid is known for. Included with N is an alternate happy face, a bent arm holding a Poké Ball, two wider spread arms, a pointing hand, a slightly bent leg, and an additional neck joint. Also included is N’s partner Pokémon, Reshiram. Like Garchomp before him, Reshiram is poseable in all the right places, and fits perfectly with N. This figure can be purchased from for $49.99.

The alternate pieces included allow you to pose N in quite a few different poses given how restrictive Nendoroid actually are. Reshiram looks great, and holds together a lot better than Garchomp that came with Cynthia. Considering most of the other Reshiram figures I own are either statues or vinyl figures with minimal movement, this rendition of Reshiram is great. N in particular though is great. The paint and attention to detail in such a style is great. His bracelets are all present, he has his round necklace, and the cube dangling from his waist. If you’re a fan of N in the slightest, or just want to add another Nendoroid to your collection, I highly recommend N. Absolutely fantastic addition to the Pokémon Nendoroid collection. No more have been announced at the time of this recording, so I hope more or on the way!

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