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Unboxing: Pokémon TCG – BREAK Evolution Box

BREAK Evolution Box
$29.99 at most major retailers



BREAK evolution is the “exciting” new mechanic introduced in XY: BREAKthrough that features a fully evolved Pokémon going a step beyond, turning all gold. This Pokémon retains its previous abilities, attacks, weakness, resistance, and retreat cost, but gains more HP, and strong attacks and abilities to use. To promote this new mechanic, The Pokémon Company released a special BREAK Evolution Box. This box contains five booster packs (three XY: BREAKthrough, one XY: Ancient Origins, one XY: Roaring Skies), three BREAK evolution promo cards (XY134 Empoleon BREAK, XY135 Beheeyem BREAK, and XY136 Noctowl BREAK), as well as a jumbo version of Empoleon BREAK card. The box retails for $29.99, which is basically $10 for the three promos and the jumbo card. As usual, I don’t really like the jumbo cards, and would rather see a pin or figure included in these instead, but alas, this is what we get in these kind of things. The BREAK Evolutions all have interesting mechanics at the very least, and could be fun to toy around with.


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