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Review and Demo: DX Mega Ulorder & Necrom Ghost Eyecon (Kamen Rider Ghost)

DX Mega Ulorder & Necrom Ghost Eyecon
January, 2016 – ¥5,000

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In the series, Alain (yeah, that’s the romanization they’re using) uses the Mega Ulorder (again, that’s the romanization…) to transform into Kamen Rider Necrom. The name is a play off of the Japanese phrase “megauruoudaa” which basically translates to “moisturize the eye”, which is exactly what this thing does! Insert the Necrom Ghost Eyecon in the slot and press the buttons to complete the transformation. Inserting any Ghost Eyecon besides Necrom, Grimm, or Sanzo will initiate a “Ghost!” announcement, with a different generic transformation sound. Hitting the button again will initiate the final attack. Included is the Necrom Ghost Eyecon, which contains some of the electronics for the toy, particularly when it is used in the Ghost Driver, as all the main sounds come from it as opposed to the Ghost Driver. It was released in January, 2016 for ¥5,000 or so.

The Necrom Ghost Eyecon is probably my favorite of the ones released so far. The green and black work wonders together, and the plastic over the eye in a more flat style just looks neat to me. The fact that it has electronics in it helps a ton, and compared to the Toucon Boost Ghost Eyecon, the fact that this one talks (albeit not the name of the Eyecon) helps a ton to appease to my personal tastes. I also like how it’s designed differently to signify that it was created by the Ganma for their purpose instead of through normal means. The engineering to make it say all the necessary Ghost Driver tunes is a nice touch as well. I wish it was engineered to where it didn’t cycle through the “Stand by!” “Loading!” and “Destroy!” sounds while in the Mega Ulorder, but you can’t win them all.

The Mega Ulorder is a bit strange. I get the eye drop motif it has going on, but the end result just ends up looking like a strange mix between a record player and an overhead projector. Not the biggest fan of its design, but the act of putting in the Eyecon, swinging it around, and pressing the buttons honestly does feel cool, as long as you can deal with this hulk of a thing on your arm. The biggest disappointment to me is the lack of Eyecon reader in the toy. Instead of being able to read them, it instead relies on two small buttons. When none are pressed it plays the “Ghost!” sounds, when one is pressed, it plays “Grimm!” sounds, with the other pressed it plays “Sanzo!” sounds, and with both pressed it plays the “Necrom!” sounds. If this thing could read all 15 Heroic Eyecons, it would have been near perfect in my opinion. At least we get those I suppose.

Overall, the Mega Ulorder is a great piece to pick up if you don’t plan on picking up other Ghost toys. You can access the Grimm and Sanzo sounds without the Eyecons if necessary, and even then, picking up one Ghost Eyecon set is better than splurging for an entire line. The sounds are sexy, the function is fluid, and I like the overall aesthetic of the device. It looks a bit strange, but if you can look past the minimal functionality, it’s a great pick up that is sure to please.


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