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Pythagoras Ghost Eyecon Build & Review | Kamen Rider Ghost

Pythagoras Ghost Eyecon
Youchien Magazine – March, 2016 Issue

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The Pythagoras Ghost Eyecon is another magazine exclusive Ghost Eyecon, this time to Youchien Magazine’s March, 2016 issue. Pythagoras Damashii is a form used by Specter in the same TV-Kun special Ikkyu Damashii premiered in, giving Specter the mathmatical prowess of Pythagoras. Being a magazine exclusive, it’s another Ghost Eyecon you have to build, having a three panel hologram instead of the flipping panel that DX Eyecons have. Other than that, the Eyecon itself looks great, and activates a new transformation sound for Pythagoras Damashii in the DX Ghost Driver.

If you must have ALL the Ghost Eyecons, hunt it down, but if you’re just casually collecting, not only is this one never mentioned in the show, it doesn’t match those DX style Ghost Eyecons, making it quite the bummer. Would love a DX quality release though, the gold plastic is pretty darn beautiful.

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