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Big Figs Massive 31″ Master Chief Review| Halo

Big Figs Massive 31″ Master Chief
$34.99 at Most Major Retailers

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Today we review the star of Halo, Master Chief, released by Jakks Pacific as part of their Big Figs Massive line of 31″ figures, priced at $34.99. Armed with the standard Assault Rifle, John-117 is ready to take on the opposing threat. Unlike the 20″ Big Figs line, the Massives (Master Chief at the very least) loses some hip movement in favor of added articulation in the upper body. Chief features a neck rotation, wrist rotations, waist rotation, a right elbow joint, and swivel joints in both shoulders. This allows you to get a number of excellent poses with the upper body.

Chief really impressed me. I’ve been tempted by this figure every time I pass it at Toys R Us, and I’m glad to finally own it. While the ability to sit would have made for some funny pictures, the added articulation in the upper body over the 20″ Big Figs is appreciated. Being able to pose such a large toy is actually really fun. If you’re a Halo fan, this makes a wonderful addition to a gaming display.

Big Figs Arbiter when? Locke? I want more.

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