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DX Eyecon Driver G Review and Demo | Kamen Rider Ghost

Henshin Belt DX Eyecon Driver G
March, 2016 – ¥6,500

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After uniting the souls of the 15 great heroes, the Eyecon Driver G is formed, allowing Takeru to transform into the Grateful Damashii. The toy allows you to activate transformation sounds, attack sounds, and even allows you to summon any number of the 15 great heroes for battle! With a brilliant multi-color LED and a ton of sounds, the DX Eyecon Driver is sure to be a hit.

The base functions of the toy, the transformation and Omega Drive attack are easy to activate, and the multi-color LED looks great shining through the lens to reveal the logo display inside the toy. Base play of the Driver comes in pulling the level, with rotates through the 15 Great Heroes in number order. Pressing the button summons them into battle. Summon any number you want, and press the button again to activate the Omega Formation. Summon all 15 to activate the Mega Omega Formation.

Play is certainly limited by not being gimmick driven, but at the same time, I view that as a good thing! Ghost fans that are on a bit of a budget can by this one toy and get the base activation calls for all 15 heroes. The only thing you really miss out on is the Eyecons themselves, and the transformation jingles, which admittedly is a lot, but the Eyecon Driver G still comes close to filling in that potential hole in your heart. I’m also pretty bummed at the lack of ability to hear all 15 hero phrases in a row while doing the Mega Omega Formation/Omega Drive, as seen in his debut appearance in the show.

Other than that, the Eyecon Driver G is probably my favorite toy Ghost has offered thus far. It has a ton of built in playability, the cycling is fun, and the sounds and lights are entertaining to listen to over and over again. For any level of Ghost fan, I urge you to give this one a shot.



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