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Opening 42 MORE BREAKpoint & BREAKthrough Dollar Tree Packs! | Pokémon TCG

XY: BREAKthrough & BREAKpoint Dollar Tree Packs #2


Luck wasn’t on our side during the last Pokemon TCG BREAKpoint and BREAKthrough Dollar Tree booster pack opening, but my girlfriend surprised me with a bunch of packs she picked up on her last shopping trip. Needless to say, luck was DEFINITELY on her side! While not the most impressive of pulls in terms of quantity, the quality of what was pulled definitely makes up for it.

For those unfamiliar, these packs are purchased at Dollar Tree stores in the US. For $1 you get a three card Booster Pack that contains a common, an uncommon, and one random card that can vary from a common all the way to a Full Art! While they can certainly be a bust sometimes, if you hit it good, it’s well worth the investment.

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