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2016 Legendary Ranger Key Packs Review! We’re Finally Done? | Power Rangers Super Megaforce

2016 Legendary Ranger Key Packs
Toys R Us Exclusive – $9.99 Each

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The end is here. It may be over two years later, but Bandai finally did. After Comic Con after Comic Con of people complaining, every Power Ranger team is completed in Ranger Key Form. Well, almost anyway. The core teams are complete however, and that is enough reason to celebrate. 2016’s Ranger Key lot rounds off the set with Legendary Ranger Key Packs for Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force, Wild Force, S.P.D., Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive, RPM, Samurai, Megaforce. Each pack is $9.99, and like the last few waves, is a Toys R Us Exclusive.


• Red Turbo Ranger (Translucent)
• Yellow Turbo Ranger (NEW)
• Phantom Ranger (Translucent + Sparkly)

Turbo gives us the Yellow Ranger to finish off our team, nothing really to note here other than the sparkly translucent Phantom Ranger looks awesome.

In Space

• Red Space Ranger (Translucent + Sparkly)
• Black Space Ranger (Translucent + Sparkly)
• Pink Space Ranger (NEW)

You know, I was baffled on why Andros got the sparkly treatment until I was sorting my keys and realized he had gotten a translucent Ranger Key already. Why not give us Yellow? or Silver? Sparkly Andros is pretty fab though.

Lost Galaxy

• Red Galaxy Ranger (Translucent)
• Pink Galaxy Ranger (NEW)
• Magna Defender (Translucent + Sparkly)

Again, the sparkly Magna Defender is just really cool. These guys are my jam.

Lightspeed Rescue

• Yellow Lightspeed Ranger (NEW)
• Pink Lightspeed Ranger (NEW)
• Titanium Ranger (Translucent)

I use the term translucent loosely for any and all metallic Rangers in this set. Instead of actually making them clear like the previously released Silver Super Megaforce Ranger, these are all in sort of a smokey dull plastic that is semi-translucent at best. That being said, it makes a wonderful stand-in for those unable to get the 2014 Power Morphicon Set.

Time Force

• Blue Time Force Ranger (Translucent)
• Yellow Time Force Ranger (NEW)
• Pink Time Force Ranger (Translucent)

The Pink translucent Key is pretty rad, but again, this set is pretty barebones.

Wild Force

• Red Wild Force Ranger (Translucent)
• White Wild Force Ranger (NEW)
• Lunar Wolf Wild Force Ranger (Translucent)

Huge props for having the pink outline on White’s skirt…that’s about it.


• Red S.P.D. Ranger (Translucent)
• Yellow S.P.D. Ranger (NEW)
• Shadow Ranger (Translucent)

Translucent Shadow Ranger is probably my favorite ever. That being said, I wish he was sparkly. It’s also worth noting that this is the first release of Red that actually has his number colored in properly. Thanks Bandai. -_-

Mystic Force

• Blue Mystic Ranger (NEW)
• Pink Mystic Ranger (NEW)
• Solaris Knight (Translucent)

This just excites me because we literally have above and beyond the full team for this series. It’s really freaking cool.

Operation Overdrive

• Blue Overdrive Ranger (Translucent)
• Pink Overdrive Ranger (NEW)
• Mercury Ranger (Translucent)

I hate these guys.


• Red RPM Ranger (Translucent)
• Black RPM Ranger (NEW)
• Gold RPM Ranger (Translucent)

One of the odd instances where the Key we needed was a dude. Arguably one of the most popular Rangers of all time too. Weird how that works.


• Green Samurai Ranger (Translucent)
• Yellow Samurai Ranger (NEW)
• Gold Samurai Ranger (Translucent)



• Red Megaforce Ranger (Translucent)
• Blue Megaforce Ranger (Translucent)
• Yellow Megaforce Ranger (NEW)


So yeah, the journey concludes. Of course, there are some suits that don’t have representation yet. Auric, the Psycho Rangers, Kat, Nova, A-Squad, Boom, Sentinel Knight, the Spirit Rangers, Jarrod, Camille, Lauren all don’t have Key representations. Whether they NEED representations is a different story all together. It’s also worth noting that we never got the Gold/Silver RPM combo Key, nor did we ever see a toy form of the Gold Anchor Key. Orion’s tools got the shaft.

That being said, I would love to see a special Morphicon pack of Kat, Nova, Sentinel Knight, Elephant Ranger, Bat Ranger, Shark Ranger, Jarrod, Camille, Lauren, and the Gold/Silver RPM Combo. I feel after that, people can stop complaining. Though as it stands, the core members of each team are released in full, and that alone makes for an awesome display I was never able to achieve via the Japanese releases (mostly because I refused to buy Gashapon Premium Sets. Stickers are dumb.). Unless some strange things happen, this is FINALLY it for Ranger Keys. It’s been an unpredictable ride filled with horribly managed toy released and endless fan nagging, but somehow it’s done. It’s done.

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Photo Gallery (2016 Legendary Ranger Key Packs)

Photo Gallery (All Teams)

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