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Pokemon 20 | Shaymin Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball and Plush Review

Shaymin Clip ‘n” Carry Poke Ball
Toys R Us Exclusive – $14.99

Shaymin Plush
Toys R Us Exclusive – $16.99

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July’s Mythical Pokemon of the Month was Shaymin, and while we’ve just entered into Arceus’s domain, it’s not to late to take a look at our little Sinnoh friend. Shaymin is the Gratitude Pokemon capable of transforming from Land Forme to Sky Forme via the use of the Gracidea Flower. Despite the Sky Forme not getting any representation this month, the Land Forme gets its own Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball figure as well as a plush, both exclusive to Toys R Us stores in the United States.

The Clip ‘n’ Carry Poke Ball release of Shaymin includes a small Shaymin Land Forme Monster Collection figure as well as an Ultra Ball to carry it in. The Shaymin figure is really cute, albeit looking somewhat upset at life. The pearlescent finish looks wonderful on the figure, and the Ultra Ball looks pretty sharp with the slight pearlescent finish on it.

The plush is…unfortunate? I love Shaymin a ton. I love the color scheme, and the little hedgehog Pokemon is just adorable. But what exactly is going on with this plush? The embroidrement on the face is actually pretty nice, but the rest of the plush just sort of falls flat. Flat as in, Shaymin is a fluffy Pokemon. It’s got a patch of grass on its back, and unfortunately that’s just now pulled off well here, as everything is just flat and stacked on top of each other. While the crushed velvet gives it a beautiful look and finish, I just can’t get over how poopy the design is.

Huge fans of Shaymin will probably want to get both of these for the collectibility of it all, but I can’t really recommend the plush all that much. Currently on PokemonCenter.com is a PokeDoll release of Shaymin Land and Sky Forme. Both are absolutely adorable, and I urge Shaymin fans to check those out if they want a more fluffy take on the Sinnoh Legendary.

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