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Wish Factory Kawaii Cubes Mega Review! WB, DC, Star Trek, and More!

Kawaii Cubes
Mini – $4.99
Medium – $14.99
Large – $24.99

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Kawaii Cubes are a series of stackable plush toys brought to you by The Wish Factory. In a similar style to Disney’s TsumTsum series of plush toys, these are cute little stackables of your favorite characters from a number of different properties. The Wish Factory currently has partnerships with Warner Brothers, DC Comics and Star Trek. They recently announced partnerships with Power Rangers, TMNT, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and WWE. Kawaii Cubes are available in three different sizes: Mini for $4.99, Medium for $14.99, and Large for $24.99.

The Wish Factory was kind enough to send a huge box of Kawaii Cubes my way to show off a tour of all their current size class and licenses. While I think the Medium size class is the most interesting given the size and display options, the Mini size class is the most affordable and has the most selection of the line. These things are just downright adorable, managing to turn characters like Suicide Squad’s Diablo into an adorable little cube. What I like most is just the sheer amount of possibilities. Where as TsumTsum are stuck within the confines of Disney owned properties, The Wish Factory can hunt down any license they please to create the next series of Kawaii Cubes around.

As someone just jumping into the world of DC pretty heavy, I’ve got my eyes set on completing the DC and DC Movie collections for sure. I love these, and will definitely be picking up the PR and TMNT releases whenever they come out.

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