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Review: Rider Goods Collection 2010 with DX T2 Joker Memory

It’s amazing what you’ll buy if it comes with a GaiaMemory. Thankfully I didn’t HAVE to buy a children’s jacket to get that one Joker Memory. However, every now and then, something really cool comes packed with something you want, and such is the case here. The DX T2 Joker Memory comes packed inside the Rider Goods Collection 2010. The name alone made me want the book, and I’m glad I did.

The book itself is actually amazing. As Dosm put it, it’s like a scrapbook of all the shit you bought, and all the shit you didn’t buy you wish you did. The book covers DX Items, Collector’s Items, Clothes, Capsule Toys, Candy Toys, Prize Toys, Music, Cards, and anything else you can imagine. Spread out through the book are “Files” that cover how Double was created, initial designs, unused designs, sketches, and all that fun stuff. Most people can’t read it, but the photos and content in the book are terrific, and is a must own for anyone who’s followed Double’s toylines as much as I have.

The real gem to most people is the DX T2 Joker Memory this mook comes packed with. The packaging for it is pretty neat, mostly being brown cardboard with a nice decorative design of Joker and the item’s name and all that. The Memory itself is cast in the same color as Joker normally is, with pretty much the same sticker. Of course, being T2, it features the same blue tip found on the DX Eternal Memory. It’s not as vibrant as the Capsule one, but it’s still noticeably blue, and given that Joker was originally Gold, it’s an easy notice.

The Memory itself cycles through the 26 T2 Memories in a similar style to the DX Dopant Memory:
• Joker
• Accel
• Bird
• Cyclone
• Dummy
• Eternal
• Fang
• Gene
• Heat
• IceAge
• Key
• Luna
• Metal
• Nasca
• Ocean
• Puppeteer
• Queen
• Rocket
• Skull
• Trigger
• Unicorn
• Violence
• Weather
• Xtreme
• Yesterday
• Zone

When inserted into the Double/Lost Driver, no matter what Memory you stopped at, it will play Joker with the Joker tune. This will also reset the Memory, so when you remove it, it will start back at Joker. When inserted into the Drive Slot/Memory Gadget/Weapon/Whatever it will play the Joker Maximum Drive as normal. This however does not reset the Memory, so it will continue from wherever you left off.

Overall, this combo is excellent, and I do feel bad for those that missed out on it. The Rider Goods Collection is an amazing mook filled with every piece of Double merchandise in full detail. It even has release dates and prices, so you can look back and realize just how much you spent on all this. The Memory is a great addition, and having all the T2 Memories in one is fun to tote around and annoy people with. The fact that it only says Joker during Henshin and Maximum Drive is disappointing, but expected. I still sort of want a T2 Set like the Dopants are getting, but I’ll take what I can get. Highly recommended, they go for a shit ton on the after market nowadays, so happy hunting for those that haven’t gotten it.

You can check out a small photo gallery of the Book and Memory here: