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Review: Kamen Rider W – Sound GaiaMemory Legend Rider Special

Sound GaiaMemory - Legend Rider SpecialWoo! More of the same thing! This set consists of a restickered Best Selection with a bonus rehash of the OOO Capsule Memory. While some of the designs do look a lot nicer than the Rider portion of the Best Selection stickers, the Best Selection is still a better buy to me because of the hologram effect. Having the logos as part of the design is just fantastic. There really isn’t much to say about these, hence why I used the video mostly as a comparison between the three releases of each Memory. My best advice is to just kind of pick the one you like most and go after it, as the only ones with different sounds than the original Capsule release are Double, Ryuki, and Kiva. I do recommend these ones over the original releases of those Memories, unless you are getting the Philip & Shotaro Memory as well, in which case the Capsule Double reigns supreme.

1.) Double Memory
• “Double!”
• “Cyclone!”
• “Joker!”
• ~Cyclone Henshin~
• ~Joker Henshin~

2.) Kuuga Memory (Unchanged from Capsule GaiaMemory Vol. 3)
• “Kuuga!”
• ~Mighty Form Henshin~
• ~Dragon Form Henshin~
• ~Pegasus Form Henshin~
• ~Titan Form Henshin~

3.) Ryuki Memory
• “Ryuki!”
• ~Henshin~
• “Advent!” (New Sound)
• ~Advent Sound~
• “Final Vent!” (New Sound)
• ~Final Vent Sound~

4.) Faiz Memory (Unchanged from Sound GaiaMemory Vol. 1)
• “Faiz!”
• ~Beep, Beep, Beep~ “Standing By!”
• ~Standby Sound~
• “Complete!”
• ~Henshin~

5.) Hibiki Memory (Unchanged from Sound GaiaMemory Vol. 2)
• “Hibiki!”
• ~Henshin~
• ~Ibuki Henshin~
• ~Ibuki Attack~
• ~Todoroki Henshin~
• ~Todoroki Attack~

6.) Kabuto Memory (Unchanged from Sound GaiaMemory Vol.2)
• “Kabuto!”
• ~Henshin Sound~
• “Cast Off!”
• ~Cast Off Sound~
• “One!”
• “Two!”
• “Three!”
• “Rider Kick!”

7.) Den-O Memory (Mostly Unchanged from Sound GaiaMemory Vol. 1)
• “Den-O!” (New Sound)
• ~Sword Form Tune~
• “Sword Form!”
• ~Sword Form Henshin~

8.) Kiva Memory
• “Kiva!”
• “Gabu!”
• ~Henshin Sound~ (New. Now includes pre-henshin sound.)
• “Wake Up!”
• ~Wake Up Fuestle Sound~

9.) OOO Memory
• “OOO!”
• ~Medal Scan Sound~
• “Kamen Rider OOO!” (Same as Capsule, without “Makasettazo” before it.)
• “Kore de kimari da!”

Just as a little FYI, a box of this set contains 1 of every other memory, 2 Double, 2 OOO, and 2 of a random Rider for a total of 12. My box had an extra Kiva, Dosm’s had an extra Kuuga, while Jedimon’s had an extra Ryuki, so the pick is pretty much random. For the price AmiAmi had them, if you don’t have ANY Rider Memories yet, this box is a definite must own, as it’s much cheaper than hunting down the superior stylized Best Selection versions. 😀

You can check out a photo gallery of the Legend Rider Special here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157625013811932/

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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Double (CycloneCyclone & JokerJoker) DX Set

S.H.Figuarts - Kamen Rider Double (CycloneCyclone & JokerJoker) DX SetRemember when you all thought I was crazy when I bought both of the Rising Ultimate Kuugas? Well oddly enough, I think this tops it. Not only do I own the base Double mold over 10 times, THESE WERE IN THE MOVIE FOR 18 SECONDS. THAT’S ROUNDING UP. Yes, I paid this much for a Final Form Ride that was shown on the screen for 18 seconds. Do I feel bad? Of course not, it’s Double.

CycloneCyclone is the star of the set. I won’t go into too much detail because we’ve done this mold so many damn times. The only difference here is that both sides are the brilliant metallic green. To go along with this, the Double Driver’s lights are both painted green. One thing to note is that for the first time, the Cyclone side features a green joint! I guess since these are exclusives, they could splurge for some green plastic. While it never bothered me, the colored joints really complete the mold. The double scarf effect on CycloneCylone looks really great as well. This design makes me hopeful for a Kamen Rider Cyclone, despite how much I want a Kamen Rider Fang.

JokerJoker is…well…less then awesome. He would have been really cool if Joker hadn’t been released BEFORE this set shipped. To be honest, against the black, the silver line is really distracting. He is also cast in a glossy black like Skull was, which just doesn’t look as nice as the matte finish on Joker. Yeah, he looks nice overall, but given Joker’s look, JokerJoker is nothing more than lackluster.

The boxart is really nice. Half the package is green and half is black, with the lettering being the opposite. The box is bigger than some (same size as Zeba’s box) but not as big as the Set boxes are. I have to hand it to Bandai, as they managed to fit two figures, six hands (Maximum Drive, Saa, and relaxed), and four scarves (two flat, and two flapping) into the tiny, fairly standard size DX packaging.

Lastly, since this is the DX Set that was available with the ticket that came with Figuarts Collection Mook, the set comes with three special Tamashii Stands. The green one has the Cyclone logo, “Kamen Rider Double CycloneCyclone”, and “Decade, let’s combine our power.” on it. The purple one has the Joker logo, “Kamen Rider Double JokerJoker”, and “Final Form Ride Double” on it. The final stand is pink, has the Decade logo on it, “Masked Rider Decade”, and “This might tickle a bit.” on it. The stands look really nice, and were definitely worth the small increase in price compared to the Toei Hero Net release that lacked the stands.

Overall, I can’t completely recommend the set. CycloneCyclone looks beautiful, but JokerJoker just doesn’t look as nice. If you think there will be a Kamen Rider Cyclone down the line, I can easily say this is a pass, as he is bound to look nicer. Considering this is just the normal Double mold, there are plenty if other releases to pick up over this set.

Check out a photo gallery of CycloneCyclone & JokerJoker here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157624903309983/

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Review: W – DX Cyclone Memory (Philip Phrase Ver.) & DX Joker Memory (2-in-1 Ver.)

DX Cyclone Memory (Philip Phrase Ver.)The thing with exclusives is that they can be the oddest things. In this case, I bring you two exclusive DX GaiaMemories. The first one is a Joker Memory that was available through various apparel items in Japan. I know it was available with a child’s Shotaro Jacket, and some sort of backpack. From what I can gather, it was available through plenty of items, as it isn’t that hard to find on the secondary market. The second is a Cyclone Memory that was available through Jusco Stores in Japan, right off the shelf, no real gimmicks.

DX Joker Memory (2-in-1 Ver.)
• “Ore-tachi wa Double, futari de hitori!” (“We are Double, 2-in-1!”)
• “Deyona, Philip.” (“Right, Philip?”)
– There is nothing special in the Henshin sequence, or the Maximum Drive sequence.-

DX Cyclone Memory (Philip Phrase Ver.)
• “Cyclone!”
• “Boku-tachi wa futari de hitori no tantei sa!” (“We are the 2-in-1 detective!”)
• “Kezaku shiyou!” (“Let’s look up.”)
• “Zokuzoku suru ne…” (“That gives me the chills.”)
• “Kyou mi bukai!” (“Interesting!”)
– After Henshin: “Saa, Omae no tsumi wo kazoero!” Nothing added to the Maximum Drive sequence. –

The Joker Memory really isn’t worth it, but due to it’s unique nature, I felt like I had to own it. I wouldn’t really go out of the way to find it if you aren’t a hardcore collector. The two phrases and picture isn’t particularly worth the $20 or so to plop down on it.

The Cyclone Memory however is a must own, particularly if you have the Joker Memory from the DX Fang Memory, as the two go great together. I would like to note, for those that didn’t watch the video, that the “Saa, Omae no tsumi wo kazoero!” DO NOT SYNC UP. I have heard rumors that a battery change would help Philip’s voice and the timing, but I have yet to get it to work. The phrases are really neat, and the effect with that Joker Memory is still cool, even if it isn’t synced. However, due to the DX Joker Memory from the DX Fang Memory is so rare, I suspect this Memory would be an easy pass for a majority of casual collectors.

You can check out the photo gallery for the DX Joker Memory (2-in-1 Ver.) here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157624874303366/
You can check out the photo gallery for the DX Cyclone Memory (Philip Phrase Ver.) here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157624874348198/

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Review: Sound Capsule GaiaMemory – Vol. 5

Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Vol. 5Ladies and gentleman, I present, our final (hopefully…) Gashapon, Sound Capsule GaiaMemory set! Our fifth set includes OOO, Double, Shotaro & Philip, T2 Joker, T2 Eternal, Decade, and Momotaros Imagin! Yes, we get Decade and Momotaros AGAIN. I was uneasy with the choice at first, but after owning the Memories, I don’t really mind it in the slightest. Decade is now in his normal form, and includes sounds to closer match the other Rider Memories, instead of using the DecaDriver noises. Momotaros includes a bunch of new phrases, and actually works great with the older Momotaros Memory, and silver tipped Rider Memories. What else do these things have in store?

1.) OOO Memory
• “Ozu!”
• ~Medal Insert Noise~
• “Makasetazo! Kamen Rider Ozu!” (“It’s your turn! Kamen Rider Ozu!”)
• “Kore de Kimari Da!” (“That clinches it!”)

2.) Double Memory
• “Double!”
• “Cyclone! Joker!”
• ~CycloneJoker Henshin~
• ~Memory Insert Noise~

3.) Shotaro & Philip Memory
• “Boku-tachi wa futari de hitori no tantei sa!” (“We are the two-in-one detective!)
• “Ikuze, Philip!” (“Let’s go, Philip!”)
• “Henshin!” (“Transform!”)
• “Saa, omae no tsumi wo kazoero!” (“Now, let’s count up your crimes!”)

4.) T2 Joker Memory
• “Joker!”
• ~Joker Henshin~
• “Joker! Maximum Drive!”
• “Kamen Rider Joker!”

5.) T2 Eternal Memory
• “Eternal!”
• ~Eternal Henshin~
• “Eternal! Maximum Drive!”
• ~Eternal Maximum Drive Noise~

6.) Decade Memory
• “Decade!”
• ~Decade Henshin~
• “Final Form Ride!”
• “Final Attack Ride!”
• “Final Kamen Attack Form Ride!”

7.) Momotaros Imagin Memory
• “Omae no nozomi wo ie…” (“Tell me your wish.”)
• “Ore no hisatsuwaza, Part 2!” (“My final attack, Part 2!”)
• “Tatakaitte no hanaa, nori no ii hou katsun da yo!” (“I wish to fight! I’m cool so I’ll win!”)
• “Ikuze, Ryotaro!” (“Let’s go, Ryotaro!”)
• “Ore, Sanjou!” (“I have arrived!”)
• “Itoku no ore wa saishou kara climax da ze!” (“Let me say this, from the beginning, I’m always at a climax!”)

Overall, it’s not as epic as Vol. 4, but it’s still a really good set overall. The OOO Memory is nice to own, but doesn’t have anything worthwhile over the Candy Toy one (all it has is “Makasetazo!” with it.), the T2 Joker Memory and Eternal Memory are great alternatives to the DX versions. Decade is a nice inclusion to get a Memory out there with normal Decade on it, as well as one with a sound that matches the other Riders. Momotaros is in no way necessary, but is a nice bonus, but I would much rather of had a Legend Rider Accel, or Black or something. The real gems of the sets are the Double and Shotaro & Philip Memories. They go together PERFECTLY, and create one of the coolest sequences you can make. If you only get two, get those two. They are awesome.

You can check out a photo gallery of the Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Vol. 5 Memories here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shukuenshinobi/sets/72157624728304081/


V-Log: ShukuenShinobi Forever: Epic on the V-Log

First off, I apologize for a 17 minute V-Log. I’m not sure how or why this happened…but it’s epic. Anyway, on Saturday, I came home to be greeted by a package. I was told earlier by the Dosm and the Jedi that they had received their Oki packages. I was all excited, and realized it was an AmiAmi package. I was still excited because that meant i had CJX and a Knight Mare Frame to add to my collections. I figured my Oki package would get here on Monday, so I held off on the first part of this V-Log, ending it even though I had a lot to say. Here comes Monday. School starts, no package. I angry face. Come Tuesday, I get a call from my Mom saying there was a package crammed in the mailbox. This was Oki’s package. Then she informed me there was a dreaded pink slip in the mail because she couldn’t get to the door in time. However, the moon was shining down on me, as this one was delivered by one of the USPS’s undercover sleeper agents, and was already back at the post office. I went and picked it up, and here you have it.

08-21-10 Haul

From AmiAmi:
• S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Double (CycloneJokerXtreme)
• Robot Damashii – Vincent

08-24-10 Haul

From OkinawamToySeller:
• W – Jusco Exclusive Cyclone Memory (Philip Ver.)
• S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Joker
• Robot Damashii – Eva-01 Test Type (Night Combat Ver.)

From riderProxy:
• W – Sound Capsule GaiaMemory Vol. 5

Expect these…eventually. I’m in such a huge backlog I seriously don’t know what I’m doing. Things will go up when they do I guess. Sorry about the total lack of schedule, but things are really hectic right now, and I’m gonna do my best to get them out as fast as I can.

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Thanks for all the support guys, you rock!