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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider AccelTrial

S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider AccelTrial

Another month passed, another round of exclusive releases from Tamashii Web Shop. For November we had AccelTrial and Machine Decader. Today, we take a look at AccelTrial, the speedy form of everyone’s favorite cop with gay tendencies and infatuation towards dolphins. Accel was a really nice Figuart, particularly due to the metallic red paint. Needless to say, AccelTrial is no exception.

He comes boxed in a standard Figuarts box, this time colored in a light blue, the lettering done in a brilliant white, which looks a lot better than Accel’s secondary silver, had they chosen to follow that route. Fits in with the stack of W boxes perfectly. The front has a picture of AccelTrial, while the back, as always, features multiple shots of the figure.

The figure itself is pretty damn awesome. While he has the same base limb mold as Accel, everything is reminded and updated to suit AccelTrial’s design. The wheel on the back still spins! People bitch about his head being wrong, but it’s good enough to me. I guess I’m not picky enough about my toy figures. Toys. Just like people they aren’t perfect. Chill the fuck out. Anyway, nothing hinders poseability much on this figure. He’s sleek, sculpted fantastic, and the paint is beautiful and metallic. Joints are tight, so I really see no major faults with this figure. His visor, being a nice orange, is now transparent enough to see the speedometer detailing inside.

Accessory wise he comes with eight hands: two for holding the Trial Memory, two for holding the Engine Blade, two relaxed pose, and two stylized pose (one with a thumbs up, and one spread out), a Trial Memory to hold, an Engine Blade (it still opens), and for some reason, an Accel Driver with an Accel Memory in it, despite the fact that it should be empty. At least paint it black and pretend Bandai. Ah well. At least he comes with everything he needs, the only other thing it could have possibly came with was a Trial Memory in Memory Mode.

Overall, for W fans, AccelTrial is an amazing addition to the line up. He’s not completely necessary as normal Accel is, but if you are a huge fan of W or Accel, I feel like this is a must have for the collection. Between the beautiful paint job, the great sculpt, and the overall awesomeness of the figure, no sane person should be disappointed with this release. Accept it, enjoy it, love it. Good day.

Check out a photo gallery by the awesome Shishioh HERE.

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Review: S.H.Figuarts EX – Cyclone

S.H.Figuarts EX - Cyclone
To be honest, I wasn’t excited for this release at all. As a whole, I didn’t really enjoy The First or The Next, and while I like the suit designs and the molds for the Figuarts, I had no real reason to be excited for his bike release. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised once I finally got the thing in hand. Despite technically owning it twice (I’ll get into that later), Cyclone turns out to be a great, perhaps one of the best recent bikes released.

The box is a standard bike box in size. However, this box is done entirely in white, with red lettering to match the bike’s color scheme. As always, it features the bike in the corner, with some pictures of Ichigo and Cyclone on the back. These colored boxes are pretty fantastic.

The bike itself is an extensive remold of the HardBoilder that no longer splits apart. The underchasis itself is identical, sans a slight remolding in the front axel. The main chasis, for the most part, is new, but features the same overall shape, particularly in the front of the body. The seat is slightly modified. Of course the front and back are completely new. The front is pretty nice, featuring a cool Shocker logo, also present on the sides of the bike. The back sports a giant muffler, that’s painted beautifully in a nice rainbow of magicalness. The paint on this blows the HardBoilder out of the water. The white plastic is spot on, and the red paint has a very nice gloss to it. The wheel axel area being painted red and brown is great compared to the HardBoilder’s solid silver, n and the back silver just looks overall nicer. The painting on the muffler is also really nice in person, as odd as it seems.

No Tamashii Stage with this one either. Or the upcoming Decader. Bikes used to be a great purchase, considering you got a really slick Tamashii Stage design. Unfortunately, once Bandai had to begin making NEW MOLDS for the bikes (HardBoilder, SkullBoilder, and Cyclone all have the same base molding, so this is ridiculous to me.) they stopped including Tamashii Stages and instead began packing them with tiny plastic stands for the rear wheel. Dumbbbbbbbbbbb. Anyway, this bike comes with an additional set of handles made out of a soft rubber, supposedly for better gripping when a figure is on the bike. Speaking of which, Ichigo has no hands suited for riding a bike, so he has to molest the bars. How feral.

Overall, I almost feel like this is an easier pass then the HardBoilder, despite the fact that I like it a whole lot more. For the average buyer, the HardBoilder, being from W, is a better overall buy then Cyclone, being from one movie that wasn’t that great. If you are a huge The First fan though, I’m sure you’ll love it. Despite how good it is, it’s still just the Cyclone, so my excitement really isn’t there.

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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider 1 & 2 (The First Ver.)

S.H.Figuarts - Kamen Rider 1 & 2

So these are the first Figuarts…in The First versions! Yeah, I’m confused too. Anyway, like a year after their The Next release, we get Ichigo and Nigo in their The First colors. Not really all that exciting, even if I am a fan of the molding. How well do these stack up against the first…I mean The Next versions? Let’s find out.

The boxes on each of these guys are nothing special. Standard silver and black color scheme. However, unlike The Next versions, these guys feature the name on the side instead of the profile shot, like all current Figuarts do.

We will start with Ichigo, because he is number one! Ichigo actually impresses me. He’s painted a nice metallic teal like color, compared to The Next’s dark blue-green. His eyes are also bright and pink, instead of red. Instead of being a straight up repaint, The First versions of Ichigo and Nigo have newly sculpted heads that fill in the battle damage found in The Next versions. For more detail on the mold itself, check out the previous review. Overall I find Ichigo worth the purchase, even if you have The Next version already. The new head and beautiful paint apps make him worth it.

Nigo on the other hand, was a huge disappointment. While Ichigo went through a drastic palette swap, Nigo felt like some time in the sun to fade his ink was good enough. The only key difference (beside the head sculpt) between the two is that The First Nigo has a shiny, brighter shade of green (like a lime green) while The Next’s is more a grass green. Eyes are red in both releases. After the nice surprise that was Ichigo, Nigo is a let down. Second is clearly NOT the best. Eat that elementary school.

Both Ichigo and Nigo come with three sets of hands: Rider Chop, Relaxed, and Molestor hands. On top of that, each come with a flat scarf, and a scarf blowing in the wind for action poses. I would like to note that Ichigo and Nigo have different scarf molds, as if that matters any. Thrilling, right?

Overall, while I’m glad I own them, they are probably some of the easiest passes in Figuarts history. I still think Ichigo is a good buy, regardless of what you own, but Nigo should probably just be avoided if you already have the initial release. They are still great molds, and I do recommend that you pick up at least one of the five variants at some point.

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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kamen Rider Diend (Complete Form)

S.H.Figuarts Diend Complete FormThe thought of a Complete Form for Diend was always intriguing, especially during Decade’s original run. I don’t think anyone could of guessed that almost a year later, Diend would finally see a Complete Form…in a Den-O Movie. Onore Dekeido and such. Of course, like any other Movie Exclusive form, he sees release in the form of an exclusive. Of course. G4! Ryuuga! Orga! Glaive! Kabuki! Caucasus! Arc! Skull! Final Kamen Ride! Diend!

The box is standard size, printed in the same silver most standard boxes are printed in. However, like Decade Complete Form before him, Diend Complete Form features obnoxious cyan lettering. Nothing really else awesome. A box is a box.

From the stomach down, Diend Complete Form is the exact same as Decade Complete Form, aside from the new paint and details for Diend’s K-Touch, which, like Decade, is removable from the Driver. From the chest up, he’s almost identical to normal Diend. He has the same shoulder pads, same limited arm articulation, and, for the most part, the same chest design. Of course, instead of the normal rectangular chest, he is now plastered with eight cards of the movie “villains” I listed above. Naturally, his head is slightly remolded to include his own card. Yes, it looks just as goofy as Decade. Unlike Decade however, his cards are simply stickers, so your milage may very in terms of how well they are pre-applied. Sadly, Diend loses a lot of the colors that make him Diend, losing a majority of his Cyan (except the helmet) and gold, being replaced with black and silver. I have to say I enjoy normal Diend better.

He comes packed with seven hands: two weapon holding, one card holding (despite the fact that he doesn’t come with cards), one K-Touch holding, one poking hand, and two relaxed hands. Lastly, he comes with two DienDrivers, one open, and one closed. This is the first time a closed DienDriver has been packed with a figure, so hurray! Unfortunately, it’s not that necessary for displays.

Overall, Diend Complete Form is a pretty neat figure. As much as I don’t like Diend’s design, I always loved his mold, and this is no exception. However, there really isn’t too much holding one to this figure over the easier to obtain normal Diend, unless you think wearing cards is the next fashion statement. A pretty easy pass for non-die-hard fans.

Check out Gamu’s Photo Gallery HERE.