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Review: Capsule O-Medal Vol. 2

Capsule O-Medal Vol. 2It seems like Vol. 1 was just released, but Vol. 2 is out and available! Unlike the 4 Shitty Cores in Vol. 1, Vol. 2 gives us Cores that are actually helpful to the consumer! This set gives us Lion, Sai (Rhino), Gorilla, Zou (Elephant), Den-O, Kabuto, Hibiki, Agito, and Dark Kabuto. Like Ryuuga before it, Dark Kabuto is totemo chou rea (very super rare for you uneducated folk) and can go eat cock. Yes, I’m bitter. Dark Rider? More like greedy SOB not unique Rider, am I right? Anyway, the designs are all great. I am particularly in love with the Hibiki Medal, and not just because I love Hibiki. It’s just really awesome looking.

“Dark Rider!” (Dark Kabuto)

This set is fantastic. For those of you unable to find Set 01 and 02, getting this set will not only give you the entire Set 02 (with the only difference being the back, as the capsules are die-cast like the DX ones) but 1/3rd of Set 01 (Cheetah is in Candy Toy Vol. 1, Kuwagata on the other hand is still only in DX form). The Rider Medals are fantastic as always, and it’s great to have Den-O with a nice die-cast chassis. Currently the only Heisei Riders not available are Kuuga, Blade, and Decade. I can only guess at what Riders will be present in Capsule 3 (Those three, another Rider, and either Ultimate Kuuga or Dark Decade as the evil bastard). Anyway, I only hope that Vol. 3 is as helpful and badass as this one is.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this amazing post. I have been collecting toys since I was a kid and up to now it is still my hobby. I also buy lots of toys for my kids.

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