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Review: O-Medal Set 02 – Kamen Rider OOO

O-Medal Set 02

Ahh, Medal Set 02, the not as necessary little brother to Medal Set 01. Not to say that it’s not awesome, as it most certainly is, but I’ll ramble about that later. So this set was a slight bit easier to come by, with CS Toys getting 12 of them at one time. Of course, after the initial release, it’s now near impossible to find, sold out everywhere, and stock is so random and sporadic you probably miss it on Ami-Ami for the sixth time. Angry face. Good luck in the hunt for this one too.

Set 02 contains DX die-cast Core Medals for Sai (Rhino), Gorilla, and Zou (Elephant), the three Core Medals of Gamel, everyone’s favorite retarded Greeed. Of course, you can get die-cast Capsule Medals of these three fairly easily at various retailers or Yahoo-Japan. Outside of the back design (DX has the 1-2-3 line gimmick, while Capsule just has three stars on the back.) and slight hue differences, they’re the same thing. If you can’t find Set 02, they’re a great substitute. Sai is cast in a frosted clear plastic. The design is probably one of my favorite design out of the three, and possibly yet. Gorilla’s design is neat too, cast in a dark gray tone featuring a giant gorilla face. Zou is pretty much opaque black plastic, the chip inside being pretty much not visible in the slightest. The design features a GekiElephant looking elephant on it. He likes peanuts. The Ganbaride Promo includes SaGohZo Combo doing his super cool rocket punch. It’s SaGohZo so it’s automatically awesome. The back has SaGohZo’s epic tribal logo on it.



Overall, while the set is great, the designs are awesome, and as always, the DX Medals prove to be the best, this set just doesn’t have as much worth behind it as Set 01. At least with Set 01, two of the three weren’t available, either elsewhere, or in die-cast form. With this set however, all three can be found, in die-cast form in the second Capsule Set, for roughly the same price. Unless you’re very hard up for the DX molding, it’s probably best to just get the Capsule toys, otherwise you might be waiting around for quite some time.

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Review: O-Medal Set 01 – Kamen Rider OOO

O-Medal Set 01

This was probably the hardest time I’ve ever had trying to find something ever. This was released in October, and here we are in December, and I’m just now getting it because all my fast shopping competitors already beat me enough to where I was the only one left. Set 02 is proving to be just as big of a douchebag, so all you who have yet to get these, good luck, because this is just ridiculous.

Set 01 contains DX die-cast Core Medals for Kuwagata, Lion, and Cheetah. For those of you that have the DX OOO Driver, which you should, this completes your Green and Yellow Sets! Hurray! The designs on all of these are really great. Kuwagata in particular is cool, the design is very Kabuto-esque, and the color used is really nice. Lion is a neat design, but is ruined by the orange color, when it should have much more of a golden hue. Cheetah is a nice bright yellow, and the design is much clearer then the crappy Candy Toy version of the medal. The Ganbaride Promo is pretty nice too. It features TaToBa being all badass.


“Gata Gata GataKiriBa GataKiriBa!”
“RaTa RaTa RaToraaTaa!”

Overall, it’s a great set, and much more sought after then Set 02 will be, due to Kuwagata and Cheetah not having Capsule releases. While I certainly recommend the set, I only recommend it if you can get it below $30. It only retails for $10, and they are just Medals. People need to relax a bit.



V-Log: Count the Medals!

The RRR Application is up! For those interest in applying for a position, go to http://www.ridersrangersandrambles.com, go to “Staff” and click on “Apply Now!” We will contact the potential employees after we look over everything. We hope to build a strong enough team to be able to deliver the latest news as quick as possible.

About the V-Log, nothing really new to report. Thanksgiving was awesome, and I didn’t buy a single thing for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, so nothing really crazy there. As I state in the V-Log, my AmiAmi packages containing a number of awesome things will be shipping soon, as should my SHF Accel Trial and Machine Decader from CS Toys. My shirts from Shirtzor (our affiliated store via the awesome Ryokuya, shirtzor.spreadshirt.com) should be here soon too. I’m just happy my Medal Sets are here. 😀 Thanks Mr. S!

11-29-10 HaulFrom CS Toys International:
• OOO – Medal Set 01 (Kuwagata, Lion, Cheetah, TaToBa Ganbaride Card)
• OOO – Medal Set 02 (Sai, Gorilla, Zou, ZaGohZo Ganbaride Card)

Stay tuned for TheFirst Ichigo and Nigo later tonight, Cyclone tomorrow, followed by these Medal Sets!

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Review: Capsule O-Medal Vol. 2

Capsule O-Medal Vol. 2It seems like Vol. 1 was just released, but Vol. 2 is out and available! Unlike the 4 Shitty Cores in Vol. 1, Vol. 2 gives us Cores that are actually helpful to the consumer! This set gives us Lion, Sai (Rhino), Gorilla, Zou (Elephant), Den-O, Kabuto, Hibiki, Agito, and Dark Kabuto. Like Ryuuga before it, Dark Kabuto is totemo chou rea (very super rare for you uneducated folk) and can go eat cock. Yes, I’m bitter. Dark Rider? More like greedy SOB not unique Rider, am I right? Anyway, the designs are all great. I am particularly in love with the Hibiki Medal, and not just because I love Hibiki. It’s just really awesome looking.

“Dark Rider!” (Dark Kabuto)

This set is fantastic. For those of you unable to find Set 01 and 02, getting this set will not only give you the entire Set 02 (with the only difference being the back, as the capsules are die-cast like the DX ones) but 1/3rd of Set 01 (Cheetah is in Candy Toy Vol. 1, Kuwagata on the other hand is still only in DX form). The Rider Medals are fantastic as always, and it’s great to have Den-O with a nice die-cast chassis. Currently the only Heisei Riders not available are Kuuga, Blade, and Decade. I can only guess at what Riders will be present in Capsule 3 (Those three, another Rider, and either Ultimate Kuuga or Dark Decade as the evil bastard). Anyway, I only hope that Vol. 3 is as helpful and badass as this one is.

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Review: Candroid Series 04 – Denki Unagi Candroid

He’s so adorable, you just want to squeeze him and get electrocuted. Kinda like Pikachu. Here we have the fourth member of the Candroid Crew (leaving Tora as some sort of orphan not included in the official count) the Denki Unagi Candroid! That’s electric eel for all you unfamiliar with what denki and unagi mean. He’s certainly the cutest Candroid to date. He’s also the best in my humble opinion. How does he compare to the others? Or rather, how do the others compare to him?

Packaging is standard Candroid Series packaging, featuring a thin cardboard backing, with the can and medal securely attached via plastic to the front of it. I would like to take a moment to say that I love these packages. They’re easy to get into, and easy to put them back in, while still taking up a much smaller space then a full box would. Not to mention for those who keep packages, once you toss the plastic, you can easily tuck away the cardboard virtually anywhere.

Unagi himself makes for an odd can. It’s primarily silver, with his dark blue color being on the uppermost segment of the can, where his lightning bolt pattern, title, and scribbles are featured. The only reason this makes for an odd can is the way he’s segmented up, as well as the clear color of his head and tail segment make for an odd looking split in the cans, something Batta and Taka hide fairly well. Fortunately, once you split him apart, he looks absolutely fantastic. He adds electric yellow to his color scheme, and just reeks of awesome. To transform him, simply pop the top, bring his tail down, pull him apart, flip his head out, and situation the two can tabs to act like fins, and you’re set. Easily the coolest looking Candroid in my opinion.

His gimmick is a spark in his head. To my knowledge, this is done by the wheels turning a wheel in his head that strikes a tiny flint to create sparks. I learned that form Survivor folks. Fuck boy scouts I have reality TV. Anyway, this works moderately well. once you get him going, the sparks are pretty large, and in dark conditions, it’s a lot more noticeable. Under heavy light, some of the fainter sparks can get washed away, so it doesn’t look as impressive. While not the best gimmick, it’s a more entertaining gimmick then the other three have brought to the table, so I have to give props to the Unagi-san.

The Unagi Cell Medal is pretty rad. Sure, it’s a hunk of plastic with no die-cast awesome, but the Unagi design is fabulous. Not gay fabulous. But like, fucking awesome badass fabulous. Badassulous even. Yes. Anyway, it says “Unagi Gin!” when scanned. Surprise surprise! Anyway, the medal looks like a sea serpent. I find this cool. Go eat some seamen Unagi.

Overall, Unagi Candroid is, in my opinion, the awesomest Candroid yet. I’ve been sitting here wheeling him around like a 5-year old and giggling when his head lights up. I’m aware of how wrong that is. Screw you. If you get one Candroid, make it this one, at least right now. His brain shoots electricity, you can’t get more badass then that considering you transform form a liquid container. And he eats seamen. Peace.

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