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Review: Deluxe Ultra Dragon Sword (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Deluxe Ultra Dragon Sword
$29.99, Bought at Target


The Mega Blade from Samurai was one of, if not still the best and largest weapon Bandai America has ever released. For Power Rangers Megaforce, we have the Deluxe Ultra Dragon Sword, the American version of the Gosei Tensword from Tensou Sentai Goseiger. It retails for $29.99 at most major retailers. I’ll start by saying this is in no way accurate to the show. As you can see from the comparison photos below, Bandai America has decided to forgo the big plastic dome in favor of enlarging the Ultra Dragon Zord on the top of the weapon. The entire sword is also cast in red, where the Tensword had a lot of white on the handle. The weapon is 23.5 inches long, not quite toping the Mega Blade, but coming awfully close and still mighty impressive. The sword includes a total of six different sounds, which isn’t all that much, but for the content, I can understand it. When you flip it on, you get the basic Megaforce activation noise. There is a trigger on both the top and bottom of the handle. The bottom (closer to the blade) just activates a sound. The top trigger makes the same sound, but spins the Ultra Dragon Zord on top. Either trigger will activate a standard slashing attack sound. Attach the Gosei Morpher to hear another attachment sound. From here, both triggers now create a powered up attack sound. After the attack sound, you hear “Earth’s defenders never surrender!” by the cast of the show. Remove the Gosei Morpher to hear a detachment sound. Hold down either trigger with or without the Gosei Morpher attached to hear roughly half of the Power Rangers Megaforce theme song, complete with lyrics and everything. This is actually pretty neat, and a great addition to the toy. Overall, if you don’t mind the inaccuracy to the show, this is a fantastic toy and a pretty great weapon from Bandai America yet again. If you want accuracy, you might want to track down a Gosei Tensword, but if that’s not an issue to you, this is a definite pick up to Megaforce collectors everywhere.

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