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Review: Build & Morph Gosei Great Megazord (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Build & Morph Gosei Great Megazord
£17 (Roughly $25 USD) – Currently a UK Only Release

MegaforceBaMGGMPurchased from The Entertainer Toy Shop for £17!

Build & Morph is a line that started with Power Rangers Samurai that included the Lion and Dragon Zords. They featured a build-able Ranger, and resembled a plastic model kit, but without the plastic sprues and instead in plastic bags, but the build style is very much the same. For Megaforce, Bandai has moved away from individual Zords, and have instead moved toward a full Megazord release. As of this review, the toy has only been released in the UK, and has since been removed from most US store computers, leaving a potential US release unknown. This release is very much like Japan’s MiniPla line, which gives builders a chance to own a small 5-6″ scale Megazord that not only transforms, but has a lot of articulation compared to the DX releases. After building, you get a set of small Gosei Mechazords. They have a lot of paint applications in the Zord portion of the builds, but the bodies leave a little to be desired, sans the Gosei Dragon Mechazord which features a bit more. After a transformation that’s near identical to the Japanese DX Gosei Great, you’re left with a 5-6″ Gosei Great Megazord! There are a few flaws, like the lack of paint on the Tiger, the stubby arms, the lack of shoulder and elbow articulation, but it does feature a good amount of leg articulation the DX ones do not have. It even has a screen accurate sword…sans the missing paint apps of course. Overall, if you are a fan of the MiniPla line, or just like the concept of building an action figure, this is a nice pick up! Thanks to Raz, we know this would be $16.99 at Target stores in the US, should this ever see a release. That being said, if it DOES get a US release, buy it, no questions asked. Unfortunately, the UK price (around $25) along with the shipping costs, make this a purchase not worth it. Unless you’re REALLY hard up for a transformable toy of this scale, at roughly $30, you might as well go for the Deluxe Gosei Great Megazord. Great toy, but not worth the import price.

[youtube http://youtu.be/9YOhIyoMirg]

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