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Review: Battlefire Megazord (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Battlefire Megazord
$44.99 at Most Major Retailers


Samurai gave us an RC controlled Samurai Megazord, and now Megaforce has brought us a voice control gun version of the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord! It retails for $44.99 and has been spotted at most major retailers at this point. Armed with a handle on the back, you can tote around UGGM like a cool guy. The toy is made to fire off the Zords like the formation does in the show. Unfortunately the Zords are all something that resembles the Shark Zord, cast in red, blue, or yellow foam. If this had the actual Zords to go in the proper places, that would be superb, but unfortunately they’re all the same thing. From a design standpoint, it would be an alright display piece if it had the Zords, but with the way the missles are, its hard to pass it off as a valid display piece on a shelf. Manual Mode will fire off Zords randomly when you press the trigger. Voice Mode lets you say one of three phrases to fire the missiles when the trigger is pressed. “Go Go Megaforce!” will fire five missiles, “Victory Charge!” will fire ten missiles. “Megazord Activate!” will fire all fifteen missiles. To top things off, they include two additional missiles in case you lose some! Overall, this is a fun toy for kids, or collectors who want a toy to run around and shoot people with. If the missiles were the actual Zords, then I could see this being a decent display piece to put with your Deluxe Megazord toys, but with the generic foam missiles, it just doesn’t look as good as it could. While definitely worth a gander because of how fun it is, it isn’t worth $44.99 in the slightest. At least it comes with one snazzy ACG card. I really like it.

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