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Review: Deluxe Robo Knight Power Ranger (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Review: Deluxe Robo Knight Power Ranger
$19.99 from Toys R Us


I wished hard enough and my Toys R Us got the Deluxe Robo Knight! It seems Toys R Us is receiving cases of Robo Knight, while other stores are getting cases of Megaforce Red. Anyway, Robo Knight has a one up on Megaforce Red by having an LED in his helmet that lights up when he talks. That’s cool I guess! This figure is a good representation of Robo Knight in the 10″ scale. It doesn’t scale with anything at all, but if you just REALLY like Gosei Knight/Robo Knight, then it makes a pretty nice display piece. As with Megaforce Red, it does not feature any elbow or knee articulation, which is a bit of a buzzkill. His voice is accurate to the show, although it sounds a tiny bit more robotic then the filter used in the show. He speaks a number of phrases, along with a sound effect or two, just like Megaforce Red. At $19.99, it’s hard to recommend this, given how unexciting the figure itself is. That being said, it does make a pretty nice display piece if you’re a fan of the design and don’t mind the scale.

[youtube http://youtu.be/Co5nepzcp2w]

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