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Review: Pokémon – Model Kit: Charizard & Genesect

Model Kit: Charizard & Genesect
$16.99 at Toys R Us


I remembered seeing these at Toy Fair, and had no idea they were considered Model Kits, but here they are, labeled as Model Kits. These are actually domestic releases of a line known as PlaMon Neo, a revival of the original PlaMon line of model kits. These ones however feature a AAA battery operated motor gimmick, and are pretty much a body you attach the limbs too, as neither kit exceeds 10 pieces total. The building is so light that I wouldn’t even classify these as model kits, and more of a buildable figure. Regardless, Genesect is the winner here. Charizard is stuck in a really weird pose with an odd look on his face. His gimmick consists of walking forward and flapping his wings when he stops. Genesect isn’t much better, as his gimmick is walking forward, stopping, and firing his laser cannon. However Genesect matches his stock art rather well, and thanks to the ball joint in the neck, can get a decent variety of poses. These are roughly 5″ tall give or take, so they’re much larger than the Japanese PokéPla series, yet not as big as TOMY’s large vinyl line. Overall, they’re interesting for kids, and for collectors who think there won’t be any other Genesect that works for them. At $16.99, they’re just not worth it to me, but if the price is right for you, they’re not horrible. Red Genesect and Mewtwo are the next two in the line, with a Blastoise and Venusaur announced for Japan. Interesting, but not quite interesting enough.

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