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Review: Power Rangers Megaforce McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

Power Rangers Megaforce McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys
Set of Six Toys – Began August 30th, 2013


A set of McDonald’s toys popping up right before the start of the second half of the season has been a trend as of late, and Megaforce is no different. While Samurai brought us a collection of weapons and Rangers, Megaforce took a different approach by giving us the six main Mechazords from the show: Dragon, Shark, Lion, Snake, Phoenix, and Tiger. Each Mechazord has an action feature. The Dragon flaps its wings, the Lion moves its legs, the Shark and Phoenix both fire a portion of their mouth, while the Snake and Tiger both fire their head. Transformation is simple, just swap the heads to the ankles on the Tiger and Snake, flip out the connectors, peg everything together, and press the button on the Dragon to pop out the head of the Gosei Great Megazord. Connection is weak. Nothing is holding the toys in place tightly, so while nothing really falls out, the toy itself flops around like a rag doll. Proportions are off, shoulders look awful, and the toy itself just looks like poop. But it’s a McDonald’s toy! Anyone exepecting gold is obviously gonna find this awful. However, if you can look past the flaws, and realize that this is essentially a $6 set of toys, it’s actually kind of fun. It’s like that knock off miscolored Pokémon toy you can’t help but love because it’s so stupid looking. For ACG collectors, these toys do all feature a set of six ACG promo cards numbered MC-001 to MC-006. The cards do not have any barcodes for the Card Scanner, but all function in the Gosei Morpher. The cards themselves seem to be made out of a weaker cardstock, dent easy, and are positioned in the packaging so that they’re facing the toy, meaning the toy, while they shift in the boxes and get tossed around by McDonald employees will get bent to hell and back. If you’re super picky about the state of your cheap ACG cards, you’ll want to go inside the restaurant and inspect them. Even then, once you get it out of the package, you’re bound to find a knick or two. Getting mint cards is near impossible. Kids will probably get a kick out of them, and it’s a decent alternative for your young ones compared to the more expensive alternatives. For $6, it’s not really all that awful. It’s durpyness is supreme.

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