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Review: Gosei Ultimate Megazord & Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord Figures (Power Rangers Megaforce)

Gosei Ultimate Megazord & Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord Figures
$12.99 at Most Major Retailers (Bought from Target)


The Retrofire line has come a long way since it made its debut during RPM, and this wave of figures shows it. To celebrate the 20th Anniversary, Bandai has re-released one of the first Retrofires: the Mighty Morphin Dino Megazord, known to most as simply the Megazord. Alongside him is a figure to go along with Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord: the Gosei Ultimate Megazord. With one brand new figure, being packed with one of the original figures, it’s easy to see just how much they have improved. The Dino Megazord is a straight up re-release of the original toy from RPM’s time. As with my last review of the figure, he sports Power Sword and Mastodon Shield accessories. The stylized look on him is cool, but the figure falls flat with the sloppy paint applications, and the fact that his arm articulation (like most Retrofires) is uneven. His right arm has a swivel but no elbow articulation, while the left has elbow articulation but no swivel? Okay. Gosei Ultimate however continues the great line of Megaforce Megazord figures started by Gosei Great Megazord, and it shows. It’s stylized enough to make a good figure, while retaining the overall look of the bulky Megazord. Included is both of his swords, which can clip together to form the bow weapon, a really awesome addition to the figure. He has articulation in all the necessary places, and can achieve far greater poses than the Dino Megazord can. If you purchased the last set of figures, Gosei Ultimate is a must have to complete your trio of Megaforce Megazords. As far as the Dino Megazord is concerned, if you haven’t picked it up, and can’t afford the Super Robot Chogokin Daizyujin, then it is an alright pick up for $12.99. However, the age of the figure (and how crappy the original Retrofires were) shows with it and it just doesn’t stack up compared to the Gosei Megazords. Gosei Ultimate is cool at least.

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