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Review: DX Wizard Ring Cho Magic Battle Set (Kamen Rider Wizard)

DX Wizard Ring Cho Magic Battle Set
Retail Release – August, 2013 – ¥1,000


The summer movie usually marks the wind down of this year’s Kamen Rider show. With the closing of Wizard we get the DX Wizard Ring Cho Magic Battle Set, a Wizard Ring set containing the Finish Strike Wizard Ring and the Final Strike Wizard Ring and Finish Strike Wizard Ring. Final Strike allows Haruto to assume the form of Infinity Dragon, and initiates the powerful Infinity End attack. Final Strike allows Sorcerer to execute his final attack. Both Rings are cast in gold plastic and feature a nice gold paint with a pretty extravagant design on the face. As with most attack Wizard Rings, the attacks have alternative start and ending sounds depending on which element you are and whether you have a Dragon form or not, meaning there are plenty of alternate sounds to discover. Like most Rings used by the White Wizard or other “Change” Riders, it simply says “The Origin” in the WizarDriver. With plenty of sounds in the WizarDriver, and even more in the Shiroi Mahoutsukai Driver, the rings are definitely worth taking a look at. The Final Strike Ring looks really cool! The Finish Strike Ring looks even cooler! A nice way to end the retail Wizard Ring collection. You had a good run Wizard, now bring on the fruit.

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