Haul: 09-30-13 & 10-01-13

Was hoping to find some Tenkai Knights because they looked cool, but they didn’t have any, and I gave up on getting into another line, so I bought Bumblebee instead. He’s voice by Johnny Yong Bosch, so that’s a win in my book, though I would have rather had Will Friedel. He’s pretty cool. Has a lot of issues, but it’s the most screen accurate Bumblebee from Beast Hunters…so yeah.

The next day I did another toy hunt, but only found Disney Infinity Woody. He’s a thing.

Monday, September 30th, 2013


From Toys R Us:
• Transformers Prime Beast Hunters – Talking Bumblebee

Tuesday, October 01st, 2013

10-01-13From Walmart:
• DIsney Infinity – Woody

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