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Review: Super Best Henshin Belt – DX Den-O Belt

Super Best Henshin Belt – DX Den-O Belt
Retail Release – August, 2013 – ¥4,500



Grab your Den-O Belt at CSToys International!

The Super Best Henshin Belt Series is a line dedicated to re-releasing some fan favorite toys for fans who may have missed them the first time around. Thanks to Den-O’s insane popularity, the original Den-O Belt has been re-released, this time with the four main Imagin’s Rider Tickets! This release of the Den-O Belt, like past Super Best releases, is unchanged from its previous release. The belt is still fully painted, with a multi-color LED in the middle, scanning gimmick with the Rider Pass, and all that fun stuff. Den-O was the last of the gimmick free, simple belts. Simply press the red button to start Sword Form, blue for Rod Form, yellow for Axe Form, and purple for Gun Form. Swipe the Rider Pass past the terminal in the middle to finish the transformation and activate the form. This release is also compatible with the Keitaros toy, so if you own that, your belt will come with some added playability (so far a Super Best Keitaros hasn’t been announced, but there was a not too bad Legend Rider Keitaros not too long ago). While the original release only included a blank Rider Ticket. This release however includes the Rider Tickets for Momotaros, Urataros, Kintaros, and Ryutaros. They don’t add anything to the belt, but it makes a nice collection addition. Overall, this is a must own to Rider Belt collectors or fans of Den-O who haven’t picked up his belt. Considering the prices on the secondary market, a re-release like this was amazing, and the bonus Rider Tickets certainly don’t hurt. I really hope they keep releasing these for Riders like Kabuto or Faiz.

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