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Review: S.H.Figuarts – Kyoryu Red

S.H.Figuarts – Kyoryu Red
Retail Release – October, 2013 – ¥3,500


Grab your Kyoryu Red from CSToys International!

The first of the S.H.Figuarts Kyoryugers has arrived, and it’s none other than King himself! Kyoryu Red was released in October, 2013 for ¥3,500. The Kyoryuger body takes everything great about previous molds, and ties it into one brave package. Even with the one shoulder pad, no articulation is hindered, as the pad easily swivels up and down to allow the arm to rotate. Included with King is six additional hands, the Gaburevolver, the Gaburicalibur in sword mode, and a small Zyudenchi. Unfortunately the Gaburevolver doesn’t open to allow the Zyudenchi to be inserted, and the Gaburicalibur doesn’t fold up (or a folded up one isn’t included) so the Gaburicannon isn’t an option. Also included is an “Armed On” right arm. To use the arm, you must pull the arm off at the shoulder joint, and attach the new arm, which can be a daunting task when it comes to people who want to make sure they don’t break their figures. Naturally, the Gabutyra Fang is included that can plug into the wrist socket of either arm. Changing the arms can be a pain, and the wrist sockets on Kyoryu Red seem to be incredibly tight, leading to a lot of breakage at the wrist joint. It’s recommended to take a lot of caution when changing the arms and wrists on this guy. While the mold itself looks great, and is probably my favorite of the Sentai releases so far, it’s a shame that he is missing some key hand poses, Gaburicannon functionality, and just seems to be ridden with small issues that make changing the limbs and hands a really big and dangerous hassle. If the risks don’t bother you, he is an amazing lookign figure that I easily recommend. Hopefully they fix up the wrist joint tightness for the other five releases. Despite the flaws, still recommended.

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