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Review: Zyudenchi de Carnival Set (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Zyudenchi de Carnival Set
Retail Release – October, 2013 – ¥700


Gaburincho! Get your Zyudenchi from CSToys International!

Our last of new Zyudenchi Sets come in the form of the Zyudenchi de Carnival Set, a small two Zyudenchi set that was released in October, 2013. The Zyudenchi de Carnival Set comes with the Victory Zyudenchi (a Zyudenchi that encompasses the power of Gabutyra, Parasagun, Stegotchi, Zakutor, and Dricera) and the Maximum Zyudenchi (a Zyudenchi that encompasses the power of Pteragordon, Ankydon, Bunpachy, Plezuon, and Bragigas). Each Zyudenchi is cast in a clear silver and gold colored plastic with sparkles inside, with a V and X marking the Zyudenchi respectively. In the Gaburevolver and Kyoryuzin, they activate a “Zyudenchi! HAHAHA!” sound. The main features of these Zyudenchi obviously lie with Gabutyra de Carnival. Both Zyudenchi activate a unique attack sound for Victory or Maximum when inserted into the toy. However, when Victory is inserted, followed by Maximum, a stronger, combined attack is initiated that unleashes the power of all ten Zyudenryu. Obviously if you don’t have the Gabutyra de Carnival toy, this set is incredibly pointless and doesn’t add much of anything to your collection. However, they do look really cool, and are certainly the nicest looking Zyudenchi released so far. The set is certainly affordable, and has no other method of release outside of this set, and the Set DX, so if you do want them, this is the way to go.

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