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Review: 4″ Ultra Megaforce & Metallic Force Mighty Morphin White Ranger (Power Rangers Megaforce)

4″ Ultra Megaforce & Metallic Force Mighty Morphin White Ranger
$8.59 Each (Purchased from Target)


The final wave of Megaforce figures (since the last wave featuring some Mighty Morphin repacks was canned) contains the normal forms of the Ultra Megaforce Rangers, as well as a Metallic Force release of the Mighty Morphin White Ranger. We’ve already seen all of these toys before, since the Metallic Force Ultra Megaforce Rangers were released quite a while ago, and the normal release of the Mighty Morphin White Ranger was back during the tail end of the MMPR 2010 line (though most stores never even seen them). The Ultra Megaforce Rangers all include the Ultra Sword, as well as a Blaster. The White Ranger includes Saba, as well as a small Power Coin that was used in some MMPR 2010 accessories. As with most releases, they’re pretty nicely detailed for the size, and outside of the articulation hinderances in the girls’ hips, I really like them. Looking forward to see what changes/improvements occur when the Super Megaforce line shifts to the 5″ scale once again. They’re worth the pick up if you want the normal releases, but considering how beautiful the paint is (plus the extra holofoil Power Cards), the Metallic Force figures are far better of pick ups. Mighty Morphin White is a nice pick up if you have a hole in your MMPR 2010 collection, or want a buddy for the Metallic Force Mighty Morphin Red Ranger released earlier in the line.

[youtube http://youtu.be/keybk5rH09k]

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