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Review: Giga Gaburevolver (Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger)

Giga Gaburevolver
Retail Release – October, 2013 – ¥4,200


Giga Gaburincho! Grab your Giga Gaburevolver from CSToys International!

The mighty Kyoryu Silver has arrived in the bravest of brave fashion! With him comes his specialized Gaburevolver: the Giga Gaburevolver! The Giga Gaburevolver is a repainted Gaburevolver done up in a beautiful red, white, and blue color scheme with wonderful silver accents. Included is the Bragigas Zyudenchi, coated in beautiful silver paint with Bragigas’s power charged inside. At the core, the Giga Gaburevolver is the same as the Gaburevolver with only three new sounds. The toy now announces “Giga Gaburincho!” when the mouth is closed, with an all new standby sound done in a really epic rock jingle. After you press the trigger you hear another all new transformation sound. Outside of that, the Vamola attacks and Mecha Mucho sounds are all the same as the original Gaburevolver. Given this, it’s not a must have release, but if you haven’t picked up a Gaburevolver, or are having trouble finding one, this is a great alternative. If you enjoy the sounds and colors better, you could enjoy it even more. While only belonging to one Kyoryuger and not six, this is a great pick up and one of my favorite toys in the line. I can’t get over how beautiful the color scheme is in person.

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