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Unboxing: Power Rangers ACG – Legends Unite

Power Rangers ACG Series 4: Legends Unite
$39 per Booster Box from Potomac Distribution


(Potomac is currently sold out of boxes, I’ll try to attach a link here when I notice they restock)

The fourth series of the Power Rangers ACG was pretty much revealed entirely from previews brought to you by many popular Ranger fansites, as well as the ACG Facebook page. Among the revealed were many “duo” cards, consisting of two Rangers on the same card. The set also introduced two new mechanics to the game “Enhancement” and “Unite” to help power up your Rangers and win your battles. Also noteworthy is the continuing of some US exclusives such as Battlizers, the Jungle Fury Spirit Rangers, and of course the Titanium Ranger. The set totals 120 cards and is strictly a booster set, with no attached starter deck. The set includes 7 Ultra Rares and 15 Super Rares. If you go the route of buying boxes, each box contains 15 Booster Packs, with an average pull rate of 3 Ultra Rares per box. I was able to get 5 0f the 7 Ultra Rares, and 14 of the 15 Super Rares from two boxes (30 Packs).

Unfortunately this set is plagued with distribution problems. To start things off, most retail outlets have abandoned the game due to poor sales. Though this isn’t directly saying the game sells bad. Many people like myself are buying boxes directly from hobby retailers, so few packs actually move at brick and mortar stores. That being said, if you really want these, boxes are the superior way to go in terms of saving money. ($48 after shipping versus $60 plus tax). Store stock aside, the set also had a number of errors in pack distribution. 11 normal everyday rare cards (of the 39 total) were deemed “Impossible” Rares by RangerCrew, and just flat out weren’t being pulled from boxes. That’s not to say every box has the issue, since both of mine were fine. It’s something to keep in mind however. Most stores are running out of their launch stock, so hopefully future restocks will have more even boxes.

Sadly this one error in the distribution of the packs has caused quite the stir in the fandom, with a lot of fans abandoning the game completely because “getting a set is impossible.” I’ve proved it isn’t. While many people do get stuck with “Impossible Rare” boxes, there are plenty of fans like myself that get boxes that are pretty even in distribution. Buy a box or two and reach out to fellow fans. There’s plenty out there willing to help, and competing a set of Legends Unite isn’t nearly as difficult as it looks on paper.

Huge thanks to Bandai’s Card Division for the continued support of the game. It’s great to have a Power Rangers game last more than a set. The card art adapted from Rangerstrike and Dice-O are great to see on US cards, and the stock photos from the television show to fill in the holes work just as great. With Series 5 due out in February, and a possible Set 6 featuring Super Megaforce, there’s a ton of art to draw from, and I can’t wait to see where the game goes from here. Legends Unite, despite the issues with distribution, is a superb set with some of the best cards the game has to offer. Buy a box, take a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

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