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Review: DX Mango Lock Seed

DX Mango Lock Seed
Retail Release – November, 2013 – ¥1,500


Lock On! Get your Mango Lock Seed from CSToys International!

Kamen Rider Baron’s second Lock Seed is the Mango Lock Seed, which was sold by itself at the very end of November, 2013 for ¥1,500, the standard price of Lock Seeds. The Mango Lock Seed gives Baron the Mango Arms, an impressive set of armor that gives Baron an impressive set of upside down horns and a fancy dancy cape. Mango Arms also comes with the Mango Punisher, an awesome mace weapon that fits with its theme. The Mango Lock Seed goes back to the Inves Game sounds, and like Ichigo, has a hidden Inves sound, this time a more tamed Inves. Like the Ichigo Lock Seed, the sound is activated after the fifth “Battle Start!”Of course, you can activate the Mango Arms in the Sengoku Driver to hear “Fight of Hammer!” Finally you can activate “Mango Squash!” “Mango Au Lait!” and “Mango Sparking!” attacks with the Sengoku Driver. The Mango Lock Seed can also be used in the Musou Saber to hear “Mango Charge!” and “Mango Power!” Mango is a pretty neat Lock Seed that gives a really awesome looking Arms, weapon, and jingles. Really worth it for fans of the Lock Seed.

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