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Review: Digi-Action – Shoutmon X4 & Metal Greymon (Digimon Fusion)

Digi-Action Series 1 – Shoutmon X4 & Metal Greymon
$14.99 each (bought from Target)


As I mentioned in previous reviews, the Digi-Action series is a series of gimmick figures for Digimon Fusion that are similar in style to the 6″ Power Rangers toys that feature action gimmicks. Digimon Fusion brings us the first two in the series with Shoutmon X4 and Metal Greymon, each retailing for $14.99 at my local Target. Shoutmon X4 features a slash gimmick. When you tilt the tab on his back, he’ll swing back, his hand and sword will light up, then watch him slash. Metal Greymon features a gimmick where when you press down on his body, he’ll chomp down. Press even further and he’ll launch the three missiles on his back. Each figure features a little movement in the arms, but outside of the gimmick, that’s about it. Honestly, these look really nice on display, and if you’re looking for a cool looking representation of the characters, these are the best way to go thus far, as they’re far more screen accurate than the Digi-Fusion figures. However, for $14.99, I expect a little bit more, so I can’t really recommend them at the retail price Target is selling them for. Despite that, I do think they’re neat figures, and if you’re a fan of the character(s) they’re worth adding to your collection.

[youtube http://youtu.be/-NI5pZZw7Es]

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