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Review: Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, & Time Force Cycles (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Lost Galaxy Cycle with Red Ranger
Lightpeed Rescue Cycle with Green Ranger
Time Force Cycle with Blue Ranger
$10.97 each at Walmart


Super Megaforce is our big anniversary celebration, and while it would be awesome if we could get Zord Builder Zords for each and every season, unfortunately there’s just no space in the toy line for that. To give credit to teams not getting Zord releases, Bandai has choose to make the cycle toys for Super Megaforce homages to the cycles found in previous seasons. Our first group is Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, and Time Force. It’s worth noting that Time Force is getting representation via Silver’s Megazord (tentatively called the Q-Rex Megazord by MegaBloks), so why it got a cycle (and so quickly!) is questionable. Each cycle has the same base chassis, a large brick like motorcycle with some minor gold and silver paint detailings to make it look moderately like a motorcycle. The differences come in the fact that each cycle has a top piece that snaps into the front that is stylized after the cycles from each respective seasons. This makes the frontal view of the cycles look like the Red Astro Cycle, Green Lightspeed Cycle, and Blue Vector Cycle. While the similarities stop at this small dome piece, it’s still a neat concept. It’s unfortunate the concept is executed in such a poor manner. However, Bandai has used the same mold for cycle chassis for years, the fact they did so here isn’t much of a surprise. While the cycles ranged from neat (Samurai) to necessary (Megaforce), these ones just fall flat. Each one comes packed with a poorly painted Ranger figure that can’t move and looks awful, as well as the Red Ranger Key for that respective season. With the Ranger Key Packs including Red Rangers that are barely different than these, buying the toy PURELY for the Ranger Key is nonsense. You can pull back each cycle and pop in a key to watch them zoom off, where it hopefully gets lost and you don’t have to look at it again. The cycles are also Zord Builder compatible, which is where the toys actually shine. I love the Zord Builder collection, so having even more pieces is great, and some of the configurations look pretty neat. Despite being affordable, they’re not entirely worth it.

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