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Review: Power Rangers Super Megaforce 5″ Action Hero Figures

Super Megaforce Action Heroes
$7.99 each from Target
$8.97 at Walmart
$9.99 at Toys R Us


Power Rangers has once again returned to the 5″ scale! Yes, that means your MMPR 2010, Samurai, Super Samurai, and Megaforce Rangers are out of scale…but we have big figures again! While these aren’t as tall as some of the older figures (which reached up to 5.5″), these are 5″ and are pretty nice. Each retailed for $7.99 at Target, the cheapest place to pick these up. While Vekar and X-Borg are located on the package, they (like Vrak and Loogie) aren’t in the initial case assortment, and hopefully won’t get stuck at CVS like their predacessors. Each figure comes with a black Super Mega Saber and Super Mega Blaster. Articulation wise, they are no different than the 4″ figures, and proportion wise, honestly seem like blown up 4″ figures. Because of this, the arms seem overly muscular and round. Outside of that, they’re sculpted and painted nice, even featuring paint details on the back. The skirts are solid rubber, so leg poseability is a little bit hindered, but not to the point where the figures are unplayable. While not the greatest, it’s a step in the right direction to return to how good the figures were circa Jungle Fury and RPM. Looking forward to seeing the remaining figures get released, and see just how many Red Rangers get produced. Definitely worth the pick up for Super Megaforce fans, or those looking for some affordable, poseable Gokaigers. While the S.H.Figuarts will reign supreme, you can’t really go wrong with a quality $7.99 toy.

[youtube http://youtu.be/Km4sMq34F5E]

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