Haul: 01-21-14

I’m not really doing descriptions on these anymore, but I want to give a quick shoutout to my friend Steve that inadvertedly made me look up Gekiranger stuff on eBay. This lead me to finding the Korean Elephant and Rin Set for only around $70 shipped for both. Also props to RangerCrew for the tweets about the Amazon stocks of Super Megaforce toys. I’m officially caught up with Super Megaforce until the next wave. Might make some random purchases if I want, but I don’t plan on getting anything that I haven’t already. Gold Legacy Morpher should be in my hand fairly soon, and should pop up on my channel after the current barrage of Super Megaforce and Kamen Rider Gaim toys.

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

01-21-14From Amazon.com:
• Power Rangers Super Megaforce – Legendary Megazord Figure
• Power Rangers Super Megaforce – Wild Force Red Lion

From eBay:
• Power Rangers Wild Spirits (Korean Gekiranger) – Rin Lion & Rin Chameleon
• Power Rangers Wild Spirits (Korean Gekiranger) – Geki Elephant


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