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Review: Deluxe Gosei Great & Legendary Zord Armor Rangers (Power Rangers Super Megaforce)

Deluxe Gosei Great Zord Armor Ranger
Deluxe Legendary Zord Armor Ranger
$19.99 each from Target


The Zord Armor Rangers (referred to as Zord Armors for the remainder of this review) are a new line for Super Megaforce consisting of suit of armor for a poorly painted, poorly articulated ranger figure. Each set costs $19.99. The first wave consists of a blue Gosei Great Zord Armor with a Red Megaforce Ranger and a red Legendary Zord Armor with a Red Super Megaforce Ranger. Each figure is pretty awful, with VERY minimal paint applications, and swivels at the shoulders and thighs. I personally like to toss them aside and pretend the Zord Armors are sentient robots and not suits of armor. Despite my headcanon, the concept of these is reach Ranger has a suit of armor based around their core Megazord for that season. The designs are a loose base, but you can tell where they are going with each design. Each Zord Armor’s right arm has a weapon attached (saw for Gosei Great, cannon for Legendary) and the left arm has a fully functioning Ranger Key attached. Gosei Great’s says “Megaforce!” while Legendary says “Super Megaforce! Red!” Because of this, you can do both back to back to play the Megaforce Theme Song. Zord Builder wise you have ports at the arms, as well as a port on the back. The main combinations have you placing the arms on the body of a Megazord. Likewise, you can remove one of the arms and attach the ENTIRE body of a Zord Armor onto the arm socket, emulating a huge double barreled cannon. The cannon arm of the Legendary Zord Armor can even detach and plug into the chest of the Legendary Megazord to emulate the Legendary Megazord’s final attack where a cannon pops out from the chest. While a piece like this should have came with the actual Legendary Megazord, it’s great that this is possible with the Legendary Zord Armor. Overall, while the Zord Armors (and figures) lacks paint applications to the extreme, the CONCEPT behind them is really neat, and I like the new formations they add to Zord Builder creations. While I think they should be around $14.99 given the paint applications, I do like the toys, and the fun they bring to the Zord Builder collection.

[youtube http://youtu.be/pdCOuf5-2QY]

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