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Review: Arms Change EX – Legend Rider Arms Set (Kamen Rider Gaim)

Arms Change EX – Legend Rider Arms Set
Retail Release – December, 2013 – ¥3,600


Lock On! Grab your Legend Rider Arms from CSToys International!

The Legend Rider Lock Seeds just aren’t for show. Unlike some gimmicks of the past, the Legend Rider Lock Seeds function just like every other Lock Seed in that they create a whole new set of Arms for the user. This Arms Change EX Set brings us the four Legend Rider Arms present in the Gaim & Wizard film: W, OOO, Fourze, and Wizard Arms. The set was released alongside the Lock Seeds in December, 2013 for ¥3,600. Each Arms is modeled after the Rider’s helmet, and as usual, plops on the head of the Armored Rider, giving them an overgrown head that is pretty much hysterical to look at. Each helmet unfolds and flips to reveal the Legend Rider armor. Unfortunately, weapons are not included with this set. In the film, Ryugen’s W Arms gives him the Trigger Magnum, Baron’s OOO Arms gives him the Medajalibur, Zangetsu’s Fourze Arms gives him the Rocket Module, and Gaim’s Wizard Arms gives him the WizarSwordGun in Sword Mode. Fortunately, if you’ve been collecting the gimmick toys since W, or even the S.H.Figuarts, you have these weapons handy for posing. As I show at the end of the video, the Arms looks great on everyone to some degree, and with even more figures like Gridon, Zangetsu Shin, Kurokage, Gaim Jinba, and more, the possibilities are endless with this line, and it’s really incredible. While not directly in the show (only the film), this set is fantastic and the look is really fun. I can’t wait for more, and this set is beyond recommended.

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