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Review: DX Genesis Driver and Melon Energy Lock Seed (Kamen Rider Gaim)

DX Genesis Driver and Melon Energy Lock Seed
Retail Release – December, 2013 – ¥6,000

DXGenesisDriverLock On! Get your Genesis Driver from CSToys International!

The Genesis Driver is the device used by Yggdrasil members to transform into an all new form of Rider for Kamen Rider Gaim. It’s currently used by Zangetsu Shin, Duke, Malika, and Sigurd. The DX Genesis Driver was released in the very end of December, 2013 for ¥6,000. While the Sengoku Driver “cut” the Lock Seeds, the Genesis Driver “squeezes” them. To top it off, the Genesis Driver uses the new Energy Lock Seeds. Place the Energy Lock Seed into the core of the Driver, press the right juicer in, and the Energy Lock Seed will pop open to announce the sounds associated with that Lock Seed. From here you can press the juicer one more time, or two more times to hear the “Squash” and “Sparking” attack sounds of the Energy Lock Seed. Older Lock Seeds are compatible, but the sounds don’t time well with the sounds of the Genesis Driver, making their function pretty void. The Energy Lock Seeds can go into the Sengoku Driver, and work perfectly, thanks to the construction of the Energy Lock Seeds. They’re also fully compatible with the Musou Saber as well. The core of the Genesis Driver can be removed, and inserted into the faceplate section of the Sengoku Driver, allowing a second Lock Seed to be used with the Sengoku Driver. When an Energy Lock Seed is used in conjunction with a normal Lock Seed, it gives the user Jinba ____ Arms, a fusion between the original and Energy Lock Seed. The Melon Energy Lock Seed for instance will change to “Jinba Melon” and allow for the “Jinba Melon Squash”, “Jinba Melon Au Lait”, and “Jinba Melon Sparking” attacks. The core can also be used with two normal Lock Seeds, to activate them both at the same time. Overall, while the Genesis Driver doesn’t have the same appeal as the Sengoku Driver does, the play it brings is brilliant. The Energy Lock Seeds are backwards compatible with the Sengoku Driver and Musou Saber, meaning you have some added playability with those older toys, as well as the newer ones. The Genesis Core plugging into the Sengoku Driver adds some great play to the line with the “Jinba” option, as well as being able to use two Lock Seeds together for some interesting sounds and attack combinations. For ¥6,000, the Genesis Driver not only is fun on its own, but it adds a whole new level of fun for the previous releases in the line, which is something that truely shines about this line.

[youtube http://youtu.be/wCR85aAd_vk]


2 thoughts on “Review: DX Genesis Driver and Melon Energy Lock Seed (Kamen Rider Gaim)”

  1. The juicer is motorized right? if i blow the motor in that the belt is shot and done if i am correct?

    1. It’s all springs and gears, it’s impossible to “blow the motor.” I’ve never had a spring or gear break on me either, so you should be fine.

      The lights and sounds are the only electronics in the toy.

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