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Review: Shoutmon X3 & MetalGreymon Transforming Digi-Fusion Loaders (Digimon Fusion)

Shoutmon X3 & MetalGreymon Transforming Digi-Fusion Loaders
$14.99 at Meijer

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Transforming Digimon have been a staple of the Digimon franchise since it started, and since Digimon Fusion doesn’t really have Digivolutions yet, and the Digi-Fusion figures aren’t really “transforming” so much as “building”, Bandai America has given us a line of Transforming Digi-Fusion Loaders! Each retailed for $14.99 at my local Meijer, but prices will vary by store. The toys come in two varieties: a red Fusion Loader that transforms into Shoutmon X3, and a blue Fusion Loader that transforms into MetalGreymon. Transformation of each figure is really simple. Articulation, while set with ball and socket joints, is always limited thanks to the block construction of the toys. For what they are, each one ends up looking okay. Just okay. It’s sort of sad but the MetalGreymon one in the Fusion Loader form is probably my favorite, as it actually is a good size, and currently the only way to get a blue Fusion Loader without importing. It is worth noting however that they used the lighter blue to be accurate to MetalGreymon, so it still isn’t accurate to Christopher’s Fusion Loader’s darker blue color. Despite the flaws, they’re sort of fun. They remind me a lot of the old Power Ranger toys that transformed from Zord to Ranger. I feel kids that like transforming toys will really like them, older fans will probably hate these. As usual I fall under the child portion of this scale and actually kind of like them.

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