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Review: Norikae Change Series ToQ 1Gou, 2Gou, & 4Gou (Ressha Sentai ToQger)

Norikae Change Series ToQ 1Gou, 2Gou, & 4Gou
Retail Release – March, 2014 – ¥3,000 Each


ToQ 1Gou at CSToys International!
ToQ 2Gou at CSToys International!
ToQ 4Gou at CSToys International!

Outside of a few bike and figure sets, Sentai figures haven’t really existed since Boukenger. Fortunately (which I can only believe to be because of the popularity of Gaim’s Arms Change line) Bandai has produced the Norikae Change Series, a line currently consisting of three releases of ToQ 1Gou, 2Gou, and 4Gou. Each was released together in March, 2014 for ¥3,000 each. Now despite being labeled as the characters, the concepts behind these figures are all about the transfer process. Since color changing toys would be rather difficult, each figure instead changes the numbers on their helmet and chest. This means that essentially each figure is all five characters in one package, just restricted to one color. Not only that, each figure (despite being one color) includes all five weapons for each color, as well as the ToQ Blaster in both Blaster Mode and Sword Mode. This is great for people on a budget, as you can have all five characters in one, and alternate your display around. Even with this though, it’s weird Bandai put the budget into including the other four weapons, given a red ToQ 2Gou would never use the Form Trigger, as the change of weapons is what makes the transfer work as a gimmick anyway. You could also argue the “3” and “5” numbers being present on these figures is pointless too, as the obvious male body would negate the believability of it being the female 3Gou or 5Gou. Alternatively, it’s a shame we won’t see male bodied yellow and pink figures, as Right seems to love being pink. With the knowledge that we probably won’t ever seen yellow and pink in any fashion is a bummer, and honestly makes buying ALL of these not worth it. That being said, if you like ToQger, I would definitely pick up at least one of these. The articulation is great, and the number change gimmick works, at least on red. The numbers on the helmets are just too small on blue and green to feel worth it. With that in mind, I definitely think 1Gou is a great pick up, and the other two are great if you prefer those characters over Right. At least check out one of the three, they’re really great.

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