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Review: Gattai Hasshahou Renketsu Bazooka (Ressha Sentai ToQger)

Gattai Hasshahou Renketsu Bazooka
Retail Release – March, 2014 – ¥5,500


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Each of the main five colors of the ToQger have an associated weapon that can combine to form the Gattai Hasshahou Renketsu Bazooka. The toy version of this weapon was released in March, 2014 for ¥5,500. The set itself includes the red Rail Slasher, the blue Form (Platform) Trigger, the yellow Shingo (Signal) Hammer, the green Tunnel Axe, and the pink Tekkyo (Bridge) Claw. The set also includes the small Energy Ressha, which acts as the bullet for the weapon. On their own, only the Rail Slasher has sounds, two sword sounds to be exact, besides the activation noise. All the other weapons remain soundless, and featureless. They all literally do nothing. The hammer is about the size of a figure weapon, which is relatively embarrassing. Even being proportioned to kids, the weapons lack playability and are just downright tiny. Combining them is easy, and makes a relatively long Bazooka weapon, complete with two new attack noises. Insert the Energy (or any) Ressha onto the track, and pull the trigger to watch it fly down into the tunnel. That’s about the extent of fun for this thing. While the combined mode isn’t BAD, there isn’t a whole lot good about it either. The Energy Ressha is nice, but not enough to warrant the purchase on its own. If you actually like the toy, by all means go for it, but it’s just a toy that I can’t recommend, no matter if you’re buying it for a kid or not. Unlike things like the Musou Saber, or even the ToQBlaster, the Renketsu Bazooka is more or less a train wreck.

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