V-Log: Support Me on Patreon!

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Visit the page! http://patreon.com/shukuenshinobi!

I’m not one to ask for hand outs. I’m actually doing fairly well for myself right now. While my girlfriend and I are living just fine, there isn’t a whole lot of money left for improving my channel. I’ve done a lot the past year or so. I’ve got a brand new camera last year that I’m still trying to figure out to use to its full advantage. I’ve got a new spiffy intro and started using end cards to point people in the direction of my other videos. There’s definitely a lot I’d still like to do though. For those that don’t know, my editing is incredibly basic. I’m not using external microphones, I’m using basic things like iMovie to do my editing. I’d love to record with a more powerful external microphone, or edit with something like Adobe Premier to allow for more precise and creative editing. I usually have to do a lot of post lighting correcting, something that can be solved with a nice set of studio lights.

This stuff costs money, and like I said, after my orders for the month to cover my content, and the cost of living, there’s not a whole lot left to go around. To offset, I’ve been selling a lot of figures from my collection, but I’ve been getting a lot of questions from my fans about ways to support be besides buying any toys I’m selling. As I said before, I’m not one to take donations, so I decided to go the route of many YouTube Content Creators in opening a Patreon account. While many YouTubers that do this set it up “per video” as they are doing things like music videos, since I’m simply doing toy reviews, I decided to set it up on a monthly basis on low-pledge tiers. Patreon also gives me a way to give back to those who pledge by offering special bonuses to those who pledge like contests, Google+ Hangouts, and early access to my reviews before they go live on YouTube!

This isn’t something that’s required for my viewers, and I’m actually kind of upset I have to resort to something like this. But you gotta do what I gotta do, and with so many people asking, I figured it was worth a shot. All info should be in the video or on the Patreon page, but if you have any other questions, ask in the comments on the video, here, or on my Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for all the support over the years. Even if you can’t pledge, your views and comments are more than enough to keep me going, and I appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for everything guys. ūüôā

[youtube http://youtu.be/pi8NovGe12A]

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